Friday, May 16, 2008

Andrew really, really wants the computer cord (the one that goes from the laptop to the battery pack to the wall). He started crying today when I took it away from him. A full-blown temper tantrum where he started to throw himself back (I caught him). I distracted him with the Leap Frog drum and he was fine a minute later.

Child-proofing the house has to happen soon and there is a lot to do...due to the fact that my hubby has junk EVERYWHERE. Sigh.....

Also, I have a really cute video of Andrew dancing and as soon as I size it down, I'll get it uploaded to Photobucket and then put it on here. It's so cute!


nancy said...

I didn't do too much baby proofing to be honest.

Anything that was dangerous - chemicals, meds, electricity - yeah, I babyproofed. But for everything else, my babyproofing was just to teach the girls to not touch things they aren't allowed to touch.

My point is - depending on what you do, babyproofing doesn't have to be a daunting task - so good luck!

Anonymous said...

I still have to babyproof too. Lex has shown me that corners are no good (big goose egg). I did the dangerous stuff but I guess I have more to do.