Monday, November 1, 2010

I am so lame.

I actually got excited yesterday afternoon because something so silly made me so happy. I organized my entertainment center in the living room. We have one of those that is actually pretty cool and efficient -- it's a wooden one that is built into the wall. Anyway, we have so many DVDs that they were 3-4 rows deep on all the shelves so anytime one wants to watch something, it's hard to view all that is available.

I decided to do something about it. I picked up some CD/DVD books with the sleeves -- 2 of them, because each of them holds over 100 (105, I think?). I took all the DVDs out of the cases and filled these binders up. I put all the romantic comedies, comedies, and dramas into one of them and all the "kid movies" in the other. I did have to combine some other movies in the second one because the other one actually filled up (that does kind-of bug me that it worked out that way, but I will survive).

I put all the cases in the basement, even though the hubby said we should just toss them. The Type A in me can't do that, because if I am going to loan out any of the DVDs, which I commonly do, I need to put them in the cases.

The only thing I left out of the binders were all of the Seinfeld seasons because the discs themselves are non-descript so I just thought having 9 seasons' worth in there would be a little much. Plus, the seasons do make a nice arrangement on the top shelf, and they add color. But the rest of my DVDs are now neatly arranged into two DVD binders and that makes my life a whole lot more organized. And when guests come over, they don't see a huge mess.

Messes really stress me and if I can sit at work and know that something is clean at home, it makes my day a whole lot better. I am hoping some of you understand my sickness.


Shannon said...

~Waiving hand~ I totally get it. This morning I went grocery shopping and bought tons of food. I had so much fun organizing my pantry and was very pleased when I was done. Oh, and I've already bought those DVD organizers and put the cases away too. :)

I totally relate!

Rojas Family said...

I'm so with you on that one. We don't have as many DVD'S as you, but what we do have doesn't fit on DVD bookcase anymore. I hate looking at it because it looks so unorganized. I've actually been thinking about buying some of those organizers.
I hate when something is messy or unorganized. It will stay on my mind until I do something about it(you know because I'm the only one that will do anything about it).

Sarah R said...

I'm glad you guys can relate! :)

Miley (woman:confused) said...

that is NOT lame!! That's somewhat fun... in an odd way. I do it all the time with various things :)

Jen said...

If you are lame for this than so am I. I'm the exact same way...probably a little too OCD :)

April said...

That's a good idea, I think I actually read that in a magazine or something. We don't really have anywhere for all our movies (they used to be in my room but I'm making room for the bassinet and other baby odds and ends) so now I need a new plan. I think you have helped me figure out what to do! Especially cuz Hunter keeps getting his hands on all the cases and trying to rip out the movies. Eek!