Sunday, April 17, 2011

Well, hello there!

This past week has been pretty busy for us -- lots of little projects we're working on around the house, and just cleaning that has been keeping me busy.

Andrew has been taking walks (or rather, runs) with me, and I've been getting some exercise now that the weather is a little better. It definitely feels good to burn some calories after basically sitting on my ass all winter.

The hubby is excited about his fruit trees, which are just budding now. Nothing is blooming yet, but that's probably for the best since we are still getting some cold weather and even a little bit of snow.

Andrew still has a TON of energy, but I find reprise when I ask him if he'd like to line up his cars. He does this 2-3 times a day: takes all of his Matchbox cars and lines them up. It occupies him for 10-15 minutes. I have started taking pictures because I call it his "car art" because he is creative with it and arranges them in different patterns (those of you who are Facebook friends with me have seen his creations, I'm sure).

Elise is learning a few new words and it's really cute to see her brain make all those connections. I can ask her to grab me this or that and she will bring it to me. I love this age. I would say one of my favorite ages is around 16-18 months, just because it's a very cute age. After that, it seems it's all an upward swing to full-on toddlerhood, whereas before that, they are still on the brink of babyhood.

I will be 21 weeks tomorrow, but here is my 20 week belly pic:
20 weeks on 4/11/11


Morgan Owens said...

LOVE the belly pic, you are so cute pregnant! :)

Erica M said...

Baby #3, eh? What a cute photo. I get no such reprieve during the day until my older ones get home in the afternoon. Lucky you :)

Sarah R said...

Thank you! :)