Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random acts of kindness

The husband spent several hours yesterday looking at wide angle lenses for my camera (I have a full frame, the Canon 5D Mark II, and right now, the only lenses I have are the "nifty fifty" 50 mm f/1.8 -- does the trick, a Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 which I've been using a lot lately, and an old Tamron 75-300 that I never use). I don't know whether I really need a wide angle, as I primarily shoot portrait, but it would be great for landscapes and large groups of people. I envision taking my kids up on the bluff and getting a really awesome wide angle shot. Not that they'd sit for it, but maybe I could get pics of them all running in different directions with the contrast of a menacing sky or a sunset.

Anyway, I thought it was sweet that the hubby was reading reviews of different lenses (he loves to research before he buys). He informed me last night that he learned a lot about the difference between full frame cameras and crop sensors and how certain lenses would not work for my camera, etc. He has always supported my hobby turned 2nd job: photography, but I think he will be more open minded the more he actually knows about it. He may grumble a little when a shoot takes longer than my allotted hour time slot, but he's also with three kids all day long, cooking for then, cleaning up after them, and listening to the shrill scream of our middle child. I totally get why it'd be hard to spend most of a day without venturing out.

He does enjoy looking at my pictures as I'm editing them and will tell me which ones he likes best and why. He will say, "wow!" often and he is educated enough on photography to know when stuff is amateur or if it's really good. I like to bounce ideas off him during the editing process and see which one speaks to him, as sometimes it's different than my favorite one.

As for the lens, I'm in no rush right now. A really nice one would also be really expensive, and I don't know enough yet about the off brands (Tamron really doesn't have a wide angle, Sigma; Tokina) to make a purchase.

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Brianne said...

I could almost write the exact same post about my fiance and photography. It's weirdly touching how his knowledge and support have evolved to the point that he actually has informed input. Very sweet post. :)