Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I think I want a tattoo.

I want something with my kids' names and I think I want to do either upper arm or ankle. I have never had a tattoo, so I have a little bit of apprehension. However, I am going with something small so it'll hoepfully hurt less.

Any of you with tattoo experience -- can you help point me in the right direction? I am going to try and come up with a little design that somehow has aqua in it (my favorite color) and something "mothering" related but my mind is drawing a blank. Any ideas?


Jennifer Juniper said...

I have 2 - one on my back with a nickname a friend that passed used to call me and one on my wrist with a II for my two children and second chance at happiness.
I would probably go with ankle. And just think of things that remind you of your children like butterflies or kites or whatever and incorporate their names into the picture.

Cate said...

I have 7 total (with a few more in the planning stages). The one on my upper arm hurt less than the one on my ankle. Upper arm has more muscle and ankle has bones right under the skin, neither was terrible though, my tramp stamp has far been the worst.

I have Lex's name (not the full name just Lex) on my right wrist intertwining with clovers because I remember feeling incredibly lucky that I even got pregnant with him, not to mention he looks so Irish with all that red hair.

Just an idea if you don't want to put their names in (Andrew's name would make it harder to be a small one). You call him your little dragon so you could put some sort of dragon (cutesy cartoon type or a tougher looking one) and I can't recall what you call Elise but it could be intertwined.

Just a warning about aqua, some people's skin doesn't hold green well so you'd want more blue than green mixed in when you get it. I'm very lucky that my skin loves green.

yvonne said...

I have two tattoos, both of dragons. One is just black ink but if I had to do it over again I would probably go with color. I absolutely love the color dragon I have. <3 That said, think about something you really like, like an animal or a certain flower. I have seen people use baby animals/dragons for each of their kids or a certain number of flowers/stars for each of their kids.

The tattoo I want to get for Anthony is his foot print, so that is an idea for you as well. Good luck deciding!

Jen said...

I say do it! I totally love mine and I love when people comment on it. The only advise I'm going to give you is to make sure you totally love the design and that it means something to you.
It really doesn't hurt all that bad. It feels like a sunburn that you keep scratching. It's more of an irritating pain, than actually a hurt type of pain.
Have fun and enjoy the experience and I can't wait to see pictures when you get it done.

Rachel said...

Just an FYI, some tattoo artists won't tattoo a breastfeeding mama.

Sarah R said...

Thank you, Rachel. I think I will wait a few years until I am done BFing. I know people who had it done while nursing so I thought it was safe! I will not take risks, no matter how miniscule.