Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yesterday's appointment.

I got to see my lovely midwife for the first time since my post-partum checkup last time. She walked into the room and smiled and gave me a HUGE hug. I adore her. She is so caring. I'm not just another patient to her and she remembered all about my family. After catching up, we took a listen and heard that beautiful heartbeat. She didn't measure how many BPM it was, but it sounded perfect. She and I talked about my desire to do another waterbirth, so that's the plan. She said I'm as healthy as can be and we don't foresee any problems this pregnancy, as my last two were textbook (knock on wood, because I don't want to jinx myself here). She gave me another big hug before I left, and I scheduled my big ultrasound (it'll be on March 28th). We will not be finding out the gender this time, if things go as planned.

I also announced the pregnancy to the Facebook world yesterday and that was when most everyone (except for a few close friends and my mom) found out. DH wanted to wait until I'm about 8 months along, but I told him that I'll definitely be showing by then, so my philosophy is to get it over with now and get it all done at once and hopefully people will just forget about it soon and leave us alone.

Yesterday evening turned out to be NOT such a good turn of events. I got in an accident. My first accident. I don't want to talk about it now because I'm too upset, but I'll get into it later, hopefully . . . right now I'm in not such a good place, despite all the happiness earlier in the day. I have NOBODY to talk to about all this.

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April said...

Oh no I'm sorry to hear about your accident! I'm assuming you and baby are okay. Is the car still drivable? Hope all is well!