Monday, May 23, 2011

26 week appointment this morning!

This pregnancy is flying right by. Well, my midwife is awesome. She walked in and gave me a hug and told me I looked great! That's always a boost when you're feeling big and well, pregnant. I am mostly "all belly" -- but I'm not going to lie, I know my ass and thighs gain a little too (breastmilk stores, as I'm told).

Anyhow, today I had to drink the orange drink for the glucose draw. I chugged it down in 30 seconds because the sooner I get it done, the sooner my hour countdown starts before the blood draw. I passed the last two pregnancies, with plenty of room to spare, so I have no doubts I'll pass again. It's really not as bad as people make it out to be (the orange stuff).

My blood pressure was 96/64, which is excellent! I run on the low side of normal, which helps, because once I get towards the end of the pregnancy, my BP is still pretty low/normal!

I am up 13 lbs. from my "regular, non-pregnant" weight, but 22 lbs. from what I started at (I was losing a bunch of weight and actually trying to gain it at the time of conception -- LOL!). My midwife said my weight is not a concern at all. That made me feel better.

We listened to the heartbeat. Baby sounds like he/she is getting BIG! I mentioned that I thought the feet were on the left side of my stomach, with the baby lying transverse, and she confirmed that. Basically the bulk of the baby is all on my right side! Fundal height = 26 cm.

Oh, another reason why my midwife is so awesome? She asked me, because I don't know the gender, if it were a boy if I'd be circumcising. I told her, "no!" and that Andrew wasn't either. She said, "good for you! So many people do it because everyone else does it, so I'm so happy to hear that you are not doing it". I told her, "yeah, I don't go with the crowd". :) I had asked the nurse when I was pregnant with Andrew, because at the time I didn't know much about it. She said it's basically a cosmetic procedure, and some people do it for religious reasons, but that there isn't medical evidence to routinely recommend them. "They" say that it lowers the risk of UTIs from 4% to 1%, but honestly, that's not enough for me to do a "preventive" surgery, considering the rate of UTIs for girls is much higher than it is for boys, and we don't do anything to them to prevent it. I also like that this way, my son (and possible future son, if we have a boy) can decide for himself if he doesn't like it. My midwife also said that it frustrates her that all of the medical text she is provided gives only reasons for circumcising, but they don't really go into the risks (she herself has seen botched circumcisions). Even with anesthetic, there is a painful healing process, and it's not anything I want my baby to go through, not when I feel he was born perfect just the way he was. There is a risk to circumcising, but there is no risk to my baby if I don't.

This may make me seem like a crazy hippie, but my mom herself sat through my brothers' circumcisions and she said it was very hard to watch, and she cried (my dad wanted it done).

It's really none of anyone's business, but a few people did ask me when I was pregnant with Andrew, if I'd be doing it. Their only reason "pushing" me to do it? So he "matches". Matches who? Are boys sitting around comparing penises? Not the last I checked.

(For the record, I don't go around asking anyone else, nor do I preach. I figure this is my blog and my place to state my thoughts -- I just was so happy to have my midwife agree with me, because it's not always what you'd expect from someone in the medical community.)

So there you have it. All in all a great appointment, and at the next one I will be 30 weeks, and it seems to me that the rest of the pregnancy FLIES after that!

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