Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scary guy!

I was out for a walk with Andrew earlier this evening, and this scary guy in a green Dodge truck drove by me FIVE TIMES! He was following me on my route. He looked to be late 50s and was just gross and creepy looking. EW. I memorized his plates and the 5th time he drove by me, I waved my arms around and shouted, "WHAT THE F*** DO YOU WANT?!?"

I am having my husband call his brother (sargent at the police station) so they can run his plates and go talk to him. It was so creepy. I ran the last block home, and he wasn't around anymore, so he didn't see which house I went to.

DH was PISSED and we drove around looking for him so that he could try and figure out where this creep lives. He said he'll go buy a gun tomorrow (he won't, but that's how protective he feels right now of us). Also, no more walks by myself, he said.

I was so scared!


Morgan said...

That is really creepy and freaky! Glad you have a protective hubby!

I notice you comment on everyone's blog, and I'm just wondering if I ever said anything to offend you..? I don't expect anyone to comment on my blog, I just wanted to make sure I never said anything to offend you on one of my posts or comments or anything like that..

Sarah R said...

Gosh, no, Morgan! Your feeds for some reason aren't showing up in my list, so I haven't been getting notification when you make a new post. I'll have to look at my settings and see if there's something that needs to be changed. There are 3-4 blogs I read that don't show up in my feed, and I have to remember to type in the physical address to read those blogs. No worries! I am not offended by anything you ever said!

Kaci said...

That is really creepy! Glad you have a BIL who's a cop & can chat with the guy.