Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A natural deodorant that actually works!

I recently discovered Crystal Deodorant at the suggestions of other semi-hippie friends.

I was a little scared at first, because other natural deodorants I've tried haven't worked worth a damn.

Well, I searched on the website to see if it was available locally, and it was--our Walgreens was the only local place to carry it.

The best thing is, it's guaranteed to last over a year! $6.99 for deodorant that will last over a year?! Wow!

I bought the "stick" version over the roll-on, but it's really a "stone" of some sort. You just have to moisten the stone with water before applying (unless you want to be rubbing something dry on--sounds painful to me).

Did I mention that I'm a heavy sweater? Seriously, I avoid buying white anymore because the pits become yellowed too quickly, even if I wash them all the time.

By using a natural deodorant like Crystal, your body will eventually produce less sweat--the chemicals in regular deodorant cause your body to react by producing more sweat.

I bought some for both DH and myself. I love discovering new products! This deodorant has the breast cancer seal of approval. There are no parabens or aluminum chlorohydrate. It's also fragrance-free.

I'm on my third day, it's been hotter than hot here (yesterday was over 100 degrees with the heat index), and even at the end of the day, no underarm smell! I am truly amazed.

I'll quote this from their website:
"The Un-odorant
Odor is caused by bacteria, which form on the body. Most deodorants on the market today merely mask that odor with unnecessary and unwanted chemicals. They “de-odorize” with the help of chemicals. Crystal deodorants, made of 100% all natural mineral salts, prevent odor from happening in the first place by neutralizing the bacteria. That’s why we believe our products are actually un-odorants, preventing odor, rather than deodorants which just cover it up.

An un-odorant is natural. An un-odorant is light. An un-odorant is effective. An un-odorant is clean. An un-odorant prevents odor from forming.

The Original Deodorant Stone
What makes Crystal deodorants unique are the powerful, all-natural mineral salts that deliver on a simple promise: preventing body odor from occurring - naturally. Here’s how: mineral salts form a topical layer on the skin, which is inhospitable to bacteria that cause odor. All of our deodorants are hypoallergenic, contain no aluminum chlorohydrate, are paraben free, alcohol-free, non-sticky, and non-staining. They dry instantly and don’t leave any residue. Our award-winning, flagship Crystal Body Deodorant is unscented while our brand new Crystal essence line are lightly scented.

For those with sensitive skin or allergies, or people who simply prefer a healthy alternative to mainstream, chemical-laden deodorants, Crystal deodorants are the ideal choice. Our deodorants are rated #1 by the Environmental Working Group for having the safest ingredients among natural deodorants and among mainstream commercial deodorants.

Crystal deodorants are NOT tested on animals, are safe for the environment and are recommended by Cancer Treatment Centers Nationwide.

Crystal Rock and sticks are produced in Thailand. Our roll-ons and sprays are produced in the United States."

I'd like to add that parabens have been found in breast tumors. While it's been denied that breast cancer is linked to deodorant, I beg to differ. If there's a chance, I don't want to take it.

Also, if you are in the trying to conceive category, I encourage you to Google parabens. They are in practically every beauty product: particularly makeups, shampoos and conditioners, lotions, and even baby products. Parabens mimic estrogen in the body and are absorbed into the skin where they immediately go into the bloodstream. Scary stuff, if you ask me! That's why I went "au natural" almost two years ago. I don't regret it. Once you start reading labels, you will be amazed--they put parabens (methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben--anything ending in -paraben) in everything! It's a preservative said to increase shelf life and inhibit bacteria. I don't want that in my body. I'm just sayin'.


Birdee said...

I used to use a crystal deodorant stone in high school, but due to lack of internet and marketing ability, the store I bought it at discontinued it and I had to go back to regular deodorant.
It does truly last forever.
I tried the "Toms" deodorant and it smells good for a while, then it smells like apricots on top of B.O. (STINK!)
And at Walgreens? I can’t believe it! Yes I can, that’s the only place that (used to) sold my Lydia Pinkham.
I wished I had the crystal un-oderant at the beginning of my pregnancy, but I'll fur sure be getting some tonight. Thanks for the info.

Swanson Family said...

I also use a crystal deodorant and love it. Mine is from Norwex. I sell and use all their products. They are chemical free and organic (cleaning and personal care). You should check them out, they're great! If you want more info just let me know!

Congrats on the new little one too!

Stesha said...

Deodorant that will last a year? That alone would be reason enough for me to try it. I would save so much money.

Hugs and Mocha,