Sunday, June 21, 2009

So, we couldn't wait until Father's Day...

I told him on Friday after work instead!

We were going to shoot for Father's Day, but I just wanted to tell him before today since we had a small gathering for Airfest and I wanted him to know why I wasn't having a drink.

So, I got home from work yesterday and made a card with Andrew (read: I held the crayon in his hand and moved it around, because he didn't really know what to do). I traced both of his hands (they didn't turn out super great, but you can get the general picture). It said, "Daddy" on the front, with a heart. The hand tracings were on the inside, where it said, "Da: Thank you for taking such good care of me, and for loving me, even when I try your patience. Thank you for feeding me fruits! I love you. Love, Andrew. PS: I have a playmate coming 2/24/2010!"

The best thing was, DH was reading this outloud while looking at something on his computer. He read the first sentence ("even when I try your patience"), nodding in agreement. Then he looked at his computer again. It took him FOREVER to read the last line, and he read it twice."No way!", he said, with a smile on his face. He was super surprised! I think he's excited though; last night he was really, um, turned on. He said, "well, now we don't really have to be careful, do we?"

Also, before we gave him the card, I had Andrew give him his present: two pairs of khaki shorts. I handed them to Andrew and said, "give to Da", and he walked them down the hallway and into the kitchen and handed them to him. Super cute! The shorts were so big in his little arms.

ETA: We are keeping this a secret from people until I'm showing. I just don't want to have to "un-tell" people again. It was too hard for me last time.

-----Skip the next section if you're sick of this-----

I had to pee on another stick because my temp has been a little lower the last two days and it was bothering me (it better just be the air conditioning). My morning temp has been at my post-ovulatory, but not triphasic, temp, so it had me all worried. This is from the 4th (or 5th?) pee of the day at 18 dpo.

ETA: update for 6/22: Temp back up to 98.7 this morning. Whew! It was just the air conditioning.


Birdee said...

Now that is one pregnant pee! (lol)
Congrats again, and I never get sick of looking at pee sticks (How sick am I).

Way cute story about telling DH. =D

Sarah said...

step away from the pee sticks!

I am glad to hear that DH was so excited!

April said...

How freakin' ADORABLE of a way to tell his Daddy that a sibling is on the way! I love it!

And like Birdee said too, I also never get tired of looking at pee's so exciting!!