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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not much to report

I'm holding steady and 34 weeks + 2 days along right now. Yesterday, I had an appointment with one of the 2 midwives I've been seeing. I love how in-depth the midwives are as opposed to when I saw an OB my first pregnancy and I felt like a new patient some of the appointments (who are you?).

A summary:

- My BP is still great (104/64)
- Weight gain is good, even though I'm up 32 lbs. (remember, I started out 10 lbs. below my normal weight)
- Baby's heartrate was between 140-150
- Fundal height was 34 cm (so, perfect for 34w1d)
- Head is LOW (no wonder I'm peeing every 45 minutes), with the back on my right side of my uterus and the butt on top -- yay for still being head-down!
- No swelling to report.
- I go back in 2 weeks and then the appointments are weekly from 38 weeks on.

I am tired, not so much because of being pregnant, but because I sometimes go to bed late. I am sure I'm not the only one with an internet addiction?! Things are going well at work -- a little slow and boring lately, but it gives me time to prepare for my leave (I will again be taking the maximum time off, 12 weeks, even though it's unpaid except for any PLV I have accrued -- which will be around 3 weeks). It's been hotter than a Baghdad Barbeque here -- serious heat indices, which makes me appreciate air conditioning so much! My kids are little adorables. I love them so much. They are both enjoying swimming this summer. I like to think that my daughter is such an advanced little fish due to her waterbirth. :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

At least I'm craving healthy things!

I just ran on my lunch break to the store to get some Life cereal. I just had to have it. Now I'm sitting at my desk just eating it out of the huge box next to me. At 33 weeks pregnant, anything I do can just be attributed to pregnancy and I don't think anyone will bat an eye.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


How can it be July already? Most likely, my baby will be here next month, and it seems crazy that I can say, "next month". I will admit that I am in no rush! I never get the "hurry up and get this baby out of me" feelings, even at the end of a pregnancy. Honestly, the longer the baby bakes, the less likely there are to be complications. The most annoying thing to me is not the fact that at that point, the baby will be really low, or that I will be peeing a lot (already am going every 45 minutes) -- but the fact that everyone will be asking me if I am still pregnant, especially people at work and the one really annoying lady at the bank (I take the daily deposit there for work so they know me there pretty well).

But now that it's July and I'm going to be 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow, reality is setting in. Holy crap, I will be a mom of THREE!

Andrew is now at the age where he is SO much easier to watch than he was a year ago. Gone are the days where he'd try to run away as soon as we turned our back on him in the yard. Gone are the days when eating meant a huge mess on his face and hands. These days he can be found riding his tricycle for long periods of time (yay, concentration!) in the driveway, or looking for bugs for HOURS on the trees and plants in our yard. He will be four on August 25th and I am excited for him to meet this milestone. Four is a good age. He is signed up for 4-year-old pre-school through the school district and I will most likely be on maternity leave at that time since school starts September 6th and I'm due August 29th. I hope to be home to see him off on that first day because I think that's important for both of us. He is a smart, bright boy. He's so observant and catches on to everything. I am only concerned about him getting used to the other kids, but I'm sure he's not the only one who has never been a daycare kid. This will prepare him for kindergarten and we will use this year as an assessment of sorts to see if he's ready (because he is going to be the youngest in his class with an 8/25 birthday).

Elise continues to amaze me. She loves her Rock-a-Stack and will (oftentimes, correctly) put the rings on and clap her hands, saying, "yay!!" when she's done. She loves books. She loves to dance. She loves to watch her and her brother's favorite show, The Electric Company. She even says, "HEY YOU GUYS" as they do on the show, although it's not always perfectly clear. Sometimes it's just "hey you" and other times it's just "eeyyyes". She's more daring than her brother was at this age, and even at his age now. She has been climbing the chairs in the kitchen and getting on top of the kitchen table for more than a month now (so I move the chairs away to prevent falls), she loves to swim and will attempt to go in any body of water (she even cries if she is in a shopping cart and sees a puddle and is sad I won't let her lie down in it), she loves to go down slides and if I put her at the top, she will just push herself right down and squeal with glee. While we don't have stairs for her to play on (just the "death stairs" to the basement -- wooden, open stairs which lead to a concrete floor), she very quickly learned to go up and now down the ones at my mom's house. She's just growing up so fast! One of her favorite things to do is sit on my lap, lift up my shirt to reveal my belly, and then lie her head on it. It's so sweet. I am sure she doesn't know there's a baby in there (she's really too little to understand), but part of me wonders if she somehow knows something? It's very sweet.

Well, that's enough for now. I better go because my aforementioned daughter was up at 6:00 today and is now rubbing her eyes and hitting at me.

I will update again after my 32 week appointment on Tuesday.