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Monday, September 22, 2014

Mom's purse

This is one of those random things I am jotting down simply because I thought of this and it made me smile.

I am at work and went to grab some gum out of my purse and it reminded me of how my kids will go through my purse looking for gum. It's one of those things where I explain to them that they need to ask and that they're not supposed to go through peoples' things without asking, but it doesn't upset me so bad, because I remember rummaging through my mom's purse as a kid (along with my siblings) and getting all excited when we would strike gold and find gum or Tic Tacs or something. I also remember my grandmother giving us Certs or gum (half a stick; she would split the DoubleMint gum in half for us) out of her purse (she even would have a can of Pepsi, unopened, in her purse for when we went to the local festivals or wherever, she would share her "hot" Pepsi with us, which tasted surprisingly good, considering it wasn't even on ice or anything. I think it was just because it was from Grandma).

Someday, my kids will hopefully think back, just like I am now, and remember the little things in life that made them smile. Mom's purse (with her gum hidden inside) may just be one of those happy memories so for now, it's one of those things where I am only half-serious when I crack down on them for "digging".