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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yesterday was a strange day. Well, the evening was, at least.

Andrew was acting up and tantruming (that's not out of the ordinary) and my husband was trying to cook supper (definitely not out of the ordinary) so I decided to take the kids for a car ride and I went to Target, even though I had nothing to really get there. I pulled in to a parking spot by the carts and I got out of the car and decided to walk out of my way to the other side of the cart corral to get one that could fit both kids in it (maybe -- Elise is just starting to be able to ride up front but those big plastic ones are still probably above her level). Anyway, I pulled the first cart out and noticed a checkbook in the bottom of the cart underneath the seat. I debate whether I should leave it there or take it to the service counter. I think, well, I better take it in just in case the wrong person finds this. I open it up to see who it belongs to and it's my brother's! No way! I read the names twice (my brother's and his wife's) and couldn't believe it. I called my mom and told her and she said it was just fate. I think it was. Later on I talked to my sister-in-law who said her purse tipped over in the cart and she thought she had everything. Thank goodness the wrong person didn't find it!

The second thing that was weird. Later last night, after the kids had gone to bed, DH and I were both on our laptops. We do this frequently -- watch the news and then The Office reruns while we play on the internet. DH was saying something about "dropping a deuce" and the very post I clicked on on one of my parenting forums, just as he was saying that, was a mother talking about her son "dropping a deuce". The words came out of my husband's mouth just as the post appeared on my screen. Random and weird phrase and definitely taboo, but wow!

Then, not 15 minutes later, I clicked onto a news story and it invovled Woodman's (which is a grocery store based in Wisconsin) and, you guessed it -- as I was opening that page, DH said something about Woodman's.

Three weird things in one day. I am buying a lottery ticket today for the Powerball. I never gamble -- I am not a risk-taker, but I may as well. It's just $1, right?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am alive, folks!

Life kind-of took hold of me and I've just been so busy with everything: home, work, and elsewhere. I'll give you a quick update.

For Andrew, we are not ready to take the step and sign him up for surgery until we know he needs it. I called to get him into the sleep lab, but they said they "don't normally do those on kids". Anyway, they sent me a sleep survey to complete so I've been doing that every night -- I keep track of the time he goes to bed, how long he sleeps for, whether or not he gets up ("up" is if he is awake for more than 2 minutes in a 1/2 hour period), if he snores, whether or not he takes a nap during the day, if he talks in his sleep, etc. He does all these things; however, I don't know how in the world I am to track all this when I need to sleep as well! I cannot do it and I don't know how this "log" is going to be accurate. I am to bring it with to the October 1st appointment he has with the neurologist (not sure why neurologist, but that's where they have me taking him). From what I can gather in my research, most children who undergo this surgery (tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy for sleep apnea) have already undergone a sleep study in a sleep lab. Our clinic has the aforementioned lab so I don't know why they won't just have him go there, but I would imagine it boils down to money. So, we wait. This is, after all, an elective surgery --yet, if it will improve his sleep quality we want to get it down. However, putting a 3-year-old (and one that weighs just 31 lbs, at that) under general anesthesia is a big deal and neither of us want to do that unless it's going to help.

What else is going on? Elise has been crawling for the past 2 weeks -- actually crawling on not just scooting! She also sits (not tripod sitting, but sitting straight up and not tipping). She's doing very well for 6 months. We are still delaying solids -- in no rush and if you look at the girl, you will see she's not starving or anything (I love that people try and push me to do solids, like I'm in any hurry to make her grow up)! At this stage, solids are more for practice than nutritional value, and the more "good stuff" (i.e., breastmilk) she continues to receive, the better. I do plan on going 2 years with her like I did with Andrew, if not a little longer (another taboo subject. However, the World Health Organization recommends 2 years and beyond as long as mutually desired).

Saturday night, I have a mini-class reunion (12 years) this weekend at a local festival in my hometown (which shall remain nameless -- I don't want weird random locals finding my blog -- I try and keep this private from people I know "in real life" -- yes, you people are amongst the elite who get to read this, so feel special!). I am pretty excited. My mom is going to watch the kids for 2-3 hours so we can go have some drinks (my hubby more than me -- I'll have 1 or 2 so I can be the designated driver and feed my baby when we get back). Social Husband is quite different than Everyday Husband. He is normally quiet (unless he knows you, then he won't shut-up), but when he's under the influence, he's really funny and he dances and makes everyone laugh. I got to witness this at the wedding I was in a few weeks back. Quite the party that was.

I got my birds (two cockatiels I have) a HUGE new bird cage and it arrived today. It weighs 95 lbs., so very heavy duty. I ordered it because Andrew keeps getting into their cages they have now and I'm sick of cleaning seeds off the floor and those cages are more rinky-dink. The new one measures 24W" by 24D" by 33"H plus it has a playtop that adds even more to the height -- including the stand, it's 5'8", which is how tall I am. Pretty fancy! And it should be for $270. Anyway, my girls will then move to the living room. Because I will now have a ton of room, I am looking at taking in 1 or 2 more (female = no breeding) birds and I'm going this weekend to look at birds this lady is re-homing. The one I'm most excited about is a 1-year-old cinnamon pearl pied who is very tame. I like being a "bird person" because we don't have to deal with dog or cat fur, we don't have to clean shit out of the yard or take care of a litter box, and birds are very easy to take care of. Plus, they're adorable and like their heads scratched and mine even like to snuggle. I have been a bird owner for almost 20 years; in fact, my older tiel is almost 17.

My grandma has been admitted to the hospital with blood clot in her leg -- she is expected to be there 4-5 days (either through tomorrow or the next day now) -- she is receiving Heparin via IV and will be sent home on coumadin. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She was admitted to the hospital on her 72nd birthday, of all days. She has Alzheimer's (end stage) so it's a sad situation all around. However, she's going to recover from this -- I am confident she will be okay. It's hard seeing your grandmother go from this sweet, smiling lady who gives tons of kisses to a confused (still cute) lady who doesn't know you anymore. Alzheimer's runs in our family so if you are looking to donate to a cause, please think of the Alzheimer's Association!

Last but not least, my mom and I are looking, once again, for the medallion for another local festival (which also shall remain nameless for security purposes) -- this is for the BIG celebration that comes to town every year and spans 2 weekends. People come from afar to stay in this town and drink, eat brats, and be merry -- but mostly to drink. The medallion search is so much fun and we do it just for the fun of it, but it would also be nice to receive the prize: $500 cash plus other prizes.

So, that's my brief update that turned into quite a wordy one. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Surgery postponed, for now . . .

We are going to get a referral for Andrew to have a sleep study done first. We as parents want to be confident we are doing the right thing. Tonsil and adenoid removal surgery, while quite common, is still considered a major surgery. He will be put under general anesthesia and there is a small risk for bleeding -- but it's there nonetheless. The biggest thing (for us) would be keeping Andrew still in the recovery process because he's so hyperactive. That, and making sure he gets enough fluids are our biggest concerns.

So, we wait. The Pediatric Neurology department will be calling me back once they get the official referral from ENT. Apparently they don't normally do sleep studies on kids? From what I can gather online, it is quite common elsewhere to have the sleep study done first and maybe I'm just a proactive parent, but I don't want them to cut body parts out (regardless of "necessity" of tonsils and adenoids) if we don't have to!

My thoughts for doing the sleep evaluation: he doesn't snore all night. He is not a mouth breather (like the typical kids who have this surgery are prior to having it). He has never had an ear infection and his hearing is just fine. He doesn't talk like he has a cold all the time.

He may be hyperactive, but is that just his personality or is it related to sleep deprivation? Some kids just have large tonsils and that doesn't mean they need to be removed.

S0, let's say they do the sleep study and find out that he does have disrupted sleep and his oxygen stats drop and he stops breathing "X" amount of times in an hour -- I will feel MUCH better with proceeding with the surgery than I do now. There's too much uncertainty.

Wish us luck, and thanks for following our journey. There's always something going on with us, it seems . . .

Monday, September 6, 2010

Well check and surgery scheduled for Andrew

First off, the kids had their well checks last week. Andrew (3) is weighing in at 31 lbs, 3 oz. and 39" (3 ft, 3 in.) tall and Elise (6 mos.) is 18 lbs, 5 oz. and 25 3/4" long! Andrew's pediatrician said he is going to be really tall and he also referred us to an ENT for his snoring. We had some video of it and the way he is breathing when sleeping (very labored and deep chest breathing) is like he has an obstructed airway.

So, the same week, we got Andrew in to the ENT and he said he would be a good candidate for tonsil and adenoid removal surgery because it does sound like it's affecting his sleep and he viewed the video as well. I am nervous, as any parent would be with putting his/her child under general anesthesia. We are hoping this helps with his daytime sleepiness (he is really hard to wake up) and overall behavior (30% of kids who are termed "ADHD" actually have sleep apnea and the behavior is corrected with the surgery). I'm still not 100% -- I mean, this surgery is not necessary, and the recovery is not fun (10 days) and he doesn't snore ALL night long, so do we really need to do this? I observed him last night while he was sleeping, with the camcorder again, and counted 22-24 seconds of not breathing after he started coughing/choking, keeping in mind that he doesn't have a cold -- this is just something he does. Sleep apnea can affect oxygen levels, which in turn can cause problems down the road, so I do think we are doing the right thing.

He's so vulnerable. It makes me sad to think that he won't even know what's coming and he's going to wake up from the surgery feeling like shit. I can't really prepare him for his because he's too young to understand. It'll be same day surgery -- it takes about 45 minutes, and then he'll go to recovery before finishing up in Pediatrics. They said the biggest concern is dehydration so they want to make sure he gets enough fluids in.

Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, September 15th. I will know more details this week because they are sending a packet from the clinic.

Do any of you have experience in this?

Just so this post isn't totally doomerish, here are some pics of the aforementioned children: