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Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm taking those things back!

So, yesterday I picked up some oven knob covers. I read the directions and installed them. I was disappointed, because I thought they were the kind you could leave on and still use (like those ones you squeeze and turn). Turns out you have to actually remove the plastic cover and then use the knob, and replace the cover. It also says, "Remove knobs when oven is in use". Um, okay? So, basically, when the flames are a kicking, I'm supposed to take these "protective" covers off. Riiiight.

So, anyway, day two of these things being on. DH calls me at work and said Andrew took the whole knob off, including the "protector", and was playing with it. I'm so taking these back!

He's an observant little fellow. DH said he wasn't even using the stove at all. Andrew just noticed something new and took it upon himself to investigate.

In other news, the trip to Menard's wasn't totally in vain. I got some non-slip sticky paper stuff to put on my basement stairs. The stairs are wood, and I swear the previous owner of the house sanded them. They're slippery motherf***ers. I am always careful to close the door behind me when going down to do laundry, but DH has fallen down the stairs once and I fell twice--once while pregnant (I caught myself with the railing and nearly ripped my shoulder out of its socket and hurt my butt, but was otherwise okay). I did put a foam exercise mat on the basement floor, below the stairs, in case someone does happen to take a tumble.

So, next project: make stairs so they don't lead to certain death.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photo booth!!!

Daddy took some pictures of us today. Does anyone see a resemblance? ;)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The daily grind...

So, I started this post the other day and then Baby woke up crying so I had to go take care of him.

I was starting a post about our morning routine, because it is pretty funny!

6:26 am: alarm goes off. Mommy usually lays in bed and pushes snooze just once, or she turns off the alarm before it goes off. Sometimes Dragon is just starting to stir, and other times he is still snoring away.

6:35/6:40 am: If Dragon is awake, Mommy changes his diaper now and puts on his outfit for the day (usually trying to pick out something that isn't white because Daddy isn't as careful as Mommy is when it comes to feeding the Dragon)...if Dragon is not awake, Mommy changes him after she gets out of the shower.

6:50 am: Figure out if it's going to be a shower day or a bath day. If the Dragon is still sleeping, Mommy takes a nice, hot shower. If he's awake, Mommy takes a bath instead (because otherwise he will cry the entire time she's in the shower, moving the curtain to the side and getting water on the floor in the process...in the end he is a mess of tears and snot and Mommy's shower isn't very relaxing). Dragon happily stands next to the bathtub, splashing his fingers in the water.

7:00 am: Mommy gets dressed and blow dries her hair. Andrew loves the blow dryer. As soon as he sees Mommy pull the blue thing out of the drawer, he smiles. Mommy usually will aim the blow dryer at Dragon, which results in him giggling and zooming around the bathroom. It's also a really good way to get him to stop doing something he shouldn't be (Mommy doesn't like him standing near the toilet because she's a germophobe). Dragon climbs inside the cabinet or throws Mommy's pajamas around the bathroom.

7:15/7:20 am: Mommy puts her make-up on. This doesn't take very long. She loves her Everyday Minerals make-up (Mommy never thought she'd be a "powder" girl, but this stuff is amazing! It has no parabens in it which was reason #1 for trying it; a bonus is it looks more natural than liquid make-up!).

7:30 am: Mommy is ready to go and asks Dragon if he wants "the boo". Andrew usually squeals in delight at this. Mommy and Dragon head out to the living room and he has his morning milk. Daddy is usually just awaking from his slumber and will start telling Mommy and Dragon some random thing. An example of this would be, "Oil hit "x" amount of dollars today." Mommy listens as Daddy rambles on.

7:40/7:45 am: Time for Mommy to go to work! Mommy kisses her Dragon and tells him she loves him. She packs a quick lunch (if Mommy were smart, she would do this the night before). Out the door she goes, and if Dragon happens to be by the kitchen door, he cries and cries (Mommy hates this time of day, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do!).

Some random time during the day: Mommy gets a call from Daddy, who usually tells her some random thing he read on the internet. She usually gets to hear Dragon in the background. Daddy tells Mommy what Dragon ate and Mommy usually asks if he took a long nap (he is much better than he used to be and gets at least 2 1-hour naps a day now! Sometimes they are an hour-and-a-half--big changes from what used to be 2 half-hour naps a day).

12:00: Sometimes Daddy brings Dragon to Mommy's work at lunchtime (6 minute commute from home to work in car, or when biking, a 45-minute commute). Dragon gets The Boo on these days, but he doesn't need the lunchtime feed anymore (due to the large amounts of food he consumes during the day and his ability to take in more milk during the other feedings when he misses the noon feeding). On the days Dragon comes to Mommy's work, they hang out in Mommy's office (she shuts the door and has a privacy paper to cover the little window). Mommy plays, "Where's Mommy" with Dragon, hiding behind her desk. Dragon finds Mommy and then she says, "I'm gonna....Gitchu Gitchu Gitchu" and she chases him, tickling him when she catches him. This is Dragon's favorite game. It's only a 1/2 hour lunch, so at 12:25 or so, Mommy walks Daddy and Dragon out to the car or bike.

During the day, Daddy and Andrew have many adventures. At some point, the diaper comes off and Daddy lets Dragon crawl around the house nakey. Dragon loves this and squeals in delight. Four times in a row, he went to the bird room and took a dump on the floor by their cages in the same spot. In the summer, Dragon went in his kiddie pool on a daily basis. Dragon "helps" Daddy out with most everything. Dragon gets a lot, lot, lot of fruit in his diet because it is Daddy's favorite! He eats blueberries and Cheerios every day for breakfast, around 8:30 or 9:00 am. Around 11:00 am, he has lunch, which is any number of things. One of his favorite foods is homemade chili. He loves kidney beans (Mommy DOES NOT love the diaper changes after these--ew!). Daddy takes Dragon to the grocery store, the food c0-op, and Menard's. Dragon is his little buddy.

4:00: Time for Mommy to clock out! Mommy comes in the door after a day's work and half the time Dragon is still napping; the rest of the time he comes speed-crawling to the door with a big smile for Mommy. Boo is priority number one for the little Dragon. If he's sleeping, Mommy catches a quick bite to eat. The rest of the evening is spent playing with Dragon--his favorite thing to do is read, so he usually gets super excited if Mommy says, "Book" to him. His favorite is I Love You Through and Through. He cries when Mommy gets to the last page! :) Usually she starts it over again. They try to take a walk at least 3 nights a week (Dragon has a fancy jogging stroller which doubles as his bike trailer--it's a Croozer 737 and that thing really rolls nice! Mommy saves the Graco stroller for the mall or on-the-go. However, the Croozer folds down nicely to go in the trunk (Daddy hasn't taught Mommy how to put it together yet, but it looks like the tires come off and go back on easily). Dragon gets a bath usually every 3 days, unless he gets messy (then he has an extra one in there).

8:00: Last Boo of the evening (shhhh....Dragon still eats twice during the night).

9:00: Time for Dragon to get to sleep! Mommy still gets him to sleep in her arms before lying him in his crib (he's fine for naps to go down awake and he usually doesn't cry, but when Mommy tried to do it at bedtime, he puked all over himself the first attempt, and the second attempt he ended up with snot all over his face...she hasn't been brave enough to try it in awhile and she enjoys the snuggling).

10:00: Dada goes to sleep on the couch (we have a full size bed and Daddy didn't want to hear Dragon crying when he was a newborn, and he just never came back to the bed).

12:00 am: Dragon wakes up and is sitting/standing in his crib. Mommy brings him in by her and he eats a little bit and falls back asleep.

4:00/5:00 am: Dragon wakes up again for a mini-feed and falls back asleep.

That's about it! :) If you got this far, you deserve an award...