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Thursday, May 1, 2014

What happens when you have too much energy?

Like I do?!

Well, you tend to come off as rushed, but you really aren't. You walk fast, talk fast, and charge around like a woman with a mission.

You say all your thoughts, even if they are random and seemingly insignificant to others (like, "hey, my new Phillips Sonicare toothbrush is like a light sabre for my teeth!!" -- actual thought by me. Who cares? Probably nobody!).

The problem with having this amount of energy is you have SO much of it at night because you are charged up further by your evening workouts and your only alone time is once the kids are in bed, which some nights can be as late as 11:30 for kiddo #3, that you end up staying up until 12:30 most nights.

Then the next morning you hate yourself and you just want to lie in bed, but you have to get up for work.

Yes, yes.

Repeat daily. This is my life!