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Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday, Friday . . .

Holy hell, am I ever tired today. I did go to sleep at 11:45 last night, probably falling asleep around midnight. That is the earliest I normally go to bed. Otherwise it's usually 12:30. Earlier this week -- Tuesday night, I finished up a photo session and then hit the hay by 1:20. I am still waking at night because Elise and Jameson night nurse, so it's right back to sleep for me (and them), but interrupted sleep nonetheless.

This whole getting 5-6 hours of sleep is for the dogs, but I know this, too, shall pass. (I hope?)

Today is rest day for me in terms of my workout stuff, so I welcome that, even though working out is what gives me energy and keeps me centered. A day of rest a week is good. I am not sure what I will do with the kids tonight, but we have been in the habit of taking them to the Family Fun Center at the Y, because there is a big room for them to run around in. They have slides and a climbing wall (think McDonald's Playplace, but better and probably less greasy). The best thing about it is the room is staffed, so I can sit on my tablet and read while this college aged kid chases my kids around and plays tag. I look up and laugh as I see them laughing and just being kids.

What else... oh, I lost my mother's necklace -- my new one (I have 5 of them). It's a 3 disc, personalized necklace that has my kids' names etched into it. I got it as a Groupon deal so only paid $40 for it, but it's precious to me and I lost it last Wednesday and have re-traced my steps and made phone calls. Nothing. So irritating. I feel like I took it off at home and put it in my jewelry box like I always do and I have talked to the kids and they didn't take it. Ugh. St. Anthony, come through! ;)

That's my update. Pretty exciting stuff, folks. ;)