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Monday, May 14, 2012

About a Jameson . . .

I need to update on my little!! Jameson will be 9 months on May 22nd. Wow! Where does time go, really? I know it's cliche to say that, but I can't believe it's been almost 9 months since he's been born, and hell, 18 months since he's been a part of me!

He is able, and has been doing this for a few weeks now, to get himself from stomach to sitting all by himself.

Saturday I clapped my hands and got him to try it too. And now the mere mention of, "clap your hands!" causes his face to erupt in a huge smile as he claps his little (or big man hands) together. He's a quick learner!

As of right now, he has three teeth: two on the bottom and one on top. Not quite the overacheiever his big brother was (16 teeth at a year was a little creepy on such a wittle fella).

He has not started solids yet and is happily healthy and an excellent size on Mama milk alone. He scoots towards me and squeals when I come in the door to do his feeds during my work day.

He is starting to have issues (normal) with object permanence and cries if I don't come back into the room right away. Other than that, he is HAPPY and SMILING all the time. We were around a lot of family over the weekend and everyone remarked on his good temperament. He really is never fussy!

Speaking of family, Jameson survived (and enjoyed!) his first camping trip. We stayed in a nice cabin for the weekend and it was nice to not have to worry about housework. I even managed to stay on top of the cloth diapers, rinsing each one before tossing it in the wet bag (better than I do at home, where I rinse them all at night before tossing them into the pail -- hard water issues, dontcha' know?).

I just am very much enjoying my last baby. I look into his big, blue eyes all the time and kiss and smell his bald little head. I just love my little guy so much. He's such a happy and innocent little thing!

Such a boy!

Andrew loves bugs, worms, and caterpillars. This is normal, I am assuming. Sometimes his conversations with us are real head-turners, such as this recent interaction while on a camping trip: we had decided after a full day of outside fun to make a run to Walmart. There was one about 25 minutes away, which would allow for some quiet, contained car time. We were also hoping for Andrew to fall asleep because he was beyond exhausted, but fighting the urge to go down. He decided to take a black, somewhat sparsely haired caterpillar with on this excursion.

On the way back to the cabin, he said, "Mom, I gave the caterpillar a shower".
Me, "uh, what? What do you mean, Andrew?"
[he didn't have any water back there]
Andrew: "I gave him a shower in my mouth."


So then we had the conversation on why we don't put bugs and caterpillars in our mouths. Good Lord . . .

He never did take a nap.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

That sums up my life!! I have been pretty much swamped at work. It's not necessarily out of the norm for HR, but we have been very busy interviewing and hiring and there's all the rigamaroll that goes along with that. I also took a day and a half off last week, which put off some things so now I'm catching up.

I got a new camera (Canon 5D Mark II) and set up a website for my photography business.

I did some organizing around the house (there was a bunch of clutter: paperwork and whatnot in the kitchen). I finally organized pics I printed 6 months ago (4 x 6s that I put in the kids' baby books and photo albums).

It's May!! This is the official kick-off to summer, pretty much, and I intend to enjoy it. Not this weekend but the next, my family is going camping (my mom has a cabin and a yurt rented) so we are very much looking forward to that. We've never gone camping since having kids yet. Weird! That seems crazy.

Other than that, not much else new!