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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mommy & Me Photos...

Andrew is growing up so fast! He is almost starting to take on more of a "toddler-ish" look. Daddy took these shots of us the other day.

In other news, we found a system that works for us during the day. Daddy brings Andrew to me at lunch (it's only 6 minutes away from home) and I do a superfeed at that time. He is able to go from his morning feeding at 7:30 until noon, and then pig out and go until I get home at 4:00.

This new plan came to be after 3 more days of bottle refusing by Andrew. I was coming home to feed him at 10:00 and then having Daddy try a bottle at 1:00. Yeah, that worked for 2 days and then Andrew decided he didn't like it.

This is way easier. He is taking in more solids, and his belly is bigger and he can eat more at a time. He is still taking in all his ounces of milk, just more at once. Major celebrations here! I am done stressing at work, worrying about whether or not he is taking bottles for Daddy.

In other news, Andrew now SCREAMS whenever we eat! We can't sneak anything by this little guy. I decided to share some raspberries with him and he went nuts for them! We buy the bags of frozen berries at Woodman's and eat them semi-thawed. Super good! The pieces I give Andrew are small enough--don't worry. It also helps that he has 8 teeth and is learning how they work! Bananas are another hit--the "real" ones, not the mushies. :)


Anonymous said...

You're right he's growing up too fast! He gets more handsome everytime I see new pics. Have you tried giving him milk in a sippy instead of a bottle? Lex has decided sippys are far better than bottles and now only plays when we give him a bottle.


nancy said...

Cutsie pictures!!!

And "hardee har har" about the quads comment. I totally won't have quads! Hell, I'm worried about ONE sticking!!

nancy said...

Oh, and I forgot to add ..

I breastfed for a year and when I went back to work, Ella (or allison? good lord, I forgot) decided to ~not~ take a bottle (even though I started feeding her bottles of breastmilk every now and again since she was 3 weeks old!)

Me feeding her was ridiculous - she needed to take a freaking bottle. All that pumping wasn't going to go for nothing! Well, I started trying a bajillion different bottles. You know what worked? Those cheap-o $1 gerber bottles with the dark rubber nipple. She took to it like it was nothing and we were successful after that.

So, have you tried different bottles? Even though you found something that works, having to depend on that daily just may not work everyday.

Just and idea!