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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

They're here already!

My cloth diapers, that is. Turns out Nicki's Diapers is in Wisconsin. Consequently, there is an announcement on her website that they've opened their storefront now. It's about 2 1/2 hours away from me. Too bad with free shipping it's still probably cheaper for me to order online! I can do it from the privacy of my own home, naked if I want to! :)

Anyway, here is Andrew in his Bum Genius:

How adorable is he in that dipe? I love them so far. Super soft and kushy. He wore the first one for a few hours and I took it off to change him. No leaks. I put the next one on with a doubler (an extra insert for night super pee) and we'll check him out tomorrow morning. You can see a close-up on the diapers here: http://nickisdiapers.com/catalog.php?category=91

If tomorrow goes well, I will be ordering a dozen more. I'm going to get green this time. I'm also going to need some wet bags. I have a TON of disposable wipes right now (the Target ones, unscented, with no parabens). After I use those up, I'm going to be using some baby washcloths in a solution (there are 'recipes' online to make your own wipe fluid).

1 comment:

nancy said...

ooo - I want to follow this cloth diaper thing with you.

I used disposables with both my babies. Now that I'm bringing a third one into the world, I really really really need to do my part. Let me know!