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Monday, September 15, 2008

He just makes my heart smile!

Daddy showed up at lunch today with Dragon (a side note, I found his Halloween costume on Saturday at Old Navy, and it's a dragon costume!). They got here a little before noon, and I don't take my lunch until noon, so Daddy was just sitting in my office with Andrew on his lap. I was trying to work, but out of the corner of my eye, Andrew was giving me the biggest smile! I smiled back at him and tried to finish up what I was doing. I just kept thinking how lucky I am to have both of these "boys" in my life. Daddy said something then, something to the effect of, "this is my baby in my lap". :) We don't dare set him down when my office door is open because out the hallway he will go! I'm always afraid a resident is going to trip over him (or run him over with a wheelchair).

Ah, the memories Dragon will have someday. I just know he's going to ask me why he remembers a sea of people in wheelchairs with gray hair and glasses! They love him though; they really do. He elicits a lot of return smiles for his big grin!

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rocket.queen. said...

I saw that costume and loved it!! It's never cold enough here in Halloween to wear it.