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Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm taking those things back!

So, yesterday I picked up some oven knob covers. I read the directions and installed them. I was disappointed, because I thought they were the kind you could leave on and still use (like those ones you squeeze and turn). Turns out you have to actually remove the plastic cover and then use the knob, and replace the cover. It also says, "Remove knobs when oven is in use". Um, okay? So, basically, when the flames are a kicking, I'm supposed to take these "protective" covers off. Riiiight.

So, anyway, day two of these things being on. DH calls me at work and said Andrew took the whole knob off, including the "protector", and was playing with it. I'm so taking these back!

He's an observant little fellow. DH said he wasn't even using the stove at all. Andrew just noticed something new and took it upon himself to investigate.

In other news, the trip to Menard's wasn't totally in vain. I got some non-slip sticky paper stuff to put on my basement stairs. The stairs are wood, and I swear the previous owner of the house sanded them. They're slippery motherf***ers. I am always careful to close the door behind me when going down to do laundry, but DH has fallen down the stairs once and I fell twice--once while pregnant (I caught myself with the railing and nearly ripped my shoulder out of its socket and hurt my butt, but was otherwise okay). I did put a foam exercise mat on the basement floor, below the stairs, in case someone does happen to take a tumble.

So, next project: make stairs so they don't lead to certain death.

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