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Saturday, March 20, 2010


(The title of the post is Andrew's word for underwear.)

Andrew is potty trained during the day and can even sleep through his nap without wetting the bed (although we keep a towel under him just in case . . .). Yay! He wears his diaper at night and if we are going to be out and about at more than one place. Daddy is braver than me and takes Andrew without a diaper almost every time they go to the store (just undies and pants or sometimes even just pants). Most of the time, he can hold it. Other times, he has accidents. I won’t mention the time where Daddy took him to the grocery store and Andrew peed in the cart and they just kept walking. Yes, there was a puddle on the floor. Thank goodness I wasn’t with because I would have either been mortified or not able to control my laughter!

Last night, I found some Gerber training underpants and they are 2T — the things are HUGE (Andrew is 28.5 lbs and maybe 36" tall?)! I am going to save them for when he’s a little bigger (who cares if he’s already potty trained by then; he can just have some thicker underwear) and go back and buy the 18M size to wear now.

Oh yeah, and today Andrew was playing in the backyard (fenced in) and Daddy said, "Oh my God -- his ass is hanging out!!" He said that he was bending over and you could see his entire ass. I looked, and yep, Andrew's too big training pants had slid down, taking the pants with them. It was only about 40 degrees out, so I went out and pulled up his pants. He didn't seem to notice that he was mooning the neighbors -- not that they'd care. People do whatever they want around here, basically.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am sorry I've been bad at blogging lately -- taking care of two kids has been keeping me busy. Little Miss is currently on a marathon nap so I keep checking on her to make sure she's okay. She's in her bassinet now -- other times she sleeps in my arms. I'm doing both so that hopefully when I go back to work, she is comfortable doing both (DH isn't as much of a snuggler as I am).

I have just been covering her with her blanket and tucking it under her because it seems that when I try to swaddle her, she wakes up or she grunts away in there. I so remember these days with Andrew!


Musical Daddy said...

We understand about baby plumber's crack... The Boy has a non-existent ass, and we just don't have pants that fit him correctly. This means, whenever he bends over, he's showing crack to the world, and any pants bigger than 18months (he's 2 1/2), even with the cloth diaper, are too big for him. Sigh. It is kind of cute, though.

Elana Kahn said...

Hey, I gave you a bloggy award. Go check it out!