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Monday, July 5, 2010

What is the oldest memory you have?

I remember being in my crib, so I was younger than 2. I think I was more toddler than baby at the time. I was lying on my side and I remember hearing my pulse (you know how if your ear buries into the pillow, you can hear that pulse?). I didn't know what the sound was so I started calling for my mom. She came in and comforted me and sang, "Tomorrow, Tomorrow" and I felt all better and went to sleep.

I also remember having my diaper changed in the hallway. The carpet was a reddish color (lovely early 80s brick red) and I was lying in between the two bedrooms at our old house. My mom laid me there and then came back and changed me. I had to be pretty young because we were all potty trained by 18-20 months.

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Birdee said...

My earliest memory is when we lived in these little apartments and I would sit on the toilet and watch my mom fix her hair. I remember her putting on this big plastic cap looking thingy on her head (with curlers in her hair) and when she'd pull it off, take the curlers out, she's just be so beautiful. So I asked if I could have that cap on my head (It was a old fashioned blow-dryer, the cap hooked up to a hose, which hooked up to a box that had a fan and heating element - then plugged into the wall). I remember her putting the cap on my head, turning it on while I sat on the couch and she took my picture, as I fought back the tears because the hot air burned my head.
I look at that picture now and I was in a cloth diaper had no hair. I was probably 2 years old.