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Monday, March 21, 2011

Feeling movement!

I was a little paranoid because with my daughter, I first felt 2 distinct taps at 12 weeks and 6 days. I continued to feel movement with her, and it was a bit of a surprise, since I didn't feel my son until 20 weeks (I had an anterior placenta with him, so it tends to serve as a cushion between the baby and well, you).

Anyway, the past few days, I have started feeling Baby Surprise a few times a day. It's such a great feeling! I know that once you hit the 2nd trimester, you are more "in the clear", but I am somewhat of a worrier (cue memories of the younger me, back in my solo and ensemble days, nervous stomache-ache in the bathroom while my mom told me everything would be okay -- yeah, I was one of those kids).

My big ultrasound is a week from today (1:00 CST on Monday, the 28th, for those of you stalking). I am so excited to see my baby again, because at 7 weeks, well, he/she was just a little thing.

As you know, I do not want to know the gender. I can't completely lie, so I will say that if I happen to "get a glimpse", I will take my best guess, but I don't want the ultrasound tech to tell me. I go back-and-forth (it'd be fun to know so then I could zero in on one name of one sex), but then I think of that moment, waterbirthing, when I pull that little baby out of the water and see for myself. How emotional that day will be, for many reasons. I think of my last waterbirth often, and how awesome it was (and not to toot my own horn, but I was so proud of myself for going natural. What an amazing feeling!).


Alyssa Auch said...

I think it will be really neat for you to have the baby be a surprise. I'm too impatient myself, but I had the same thoughts about how special it would be!

YOU ROCK for going natural! Toot your horn, you deserve it!

Elana Kahn said...

I would give ANYTHING to have a water birth. Although I was completely uncomfortable in the little tub during my last labor, hopefully the water birthing tub would be more comfortable. Maybe I'll con my midwife into letting me even though I'm supposed to be on constant monitoring... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo for getting to see your Surprise Baby soon! I'm no good at surprises (I figured out, AHEAD OF TIME, when my hubby was throwin me a 30th surprise party AND also when he was going to propose. lol)and I like to know, so I give you credit for being able to hodl out!