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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I think I have a future athlete on my hands!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Wisconsin. We actually broke the 60 degree mark for the first time since last fall (62 was the high, in fact). After work, I decided to take the kids for a walk. I put Elise on my back in the Boba carrier (I absolutely love that thing! Easiest carrier to use -- I have her on in less than 20 seconds, vs. all the fumbling I did with the ring sling). Andrew wanted to walk, or rather, run, as I quickly found out! He ran the entire three miles (3 miles! And he's 3!) without stopping. Wow. I was walking as fast as I could (and I go at a pace of about 4 miles an hour with her on my back) and he was still ahead of me the entire route. I had to yell when we would reach intersections -- I am still teaching him how to look for cars -- but he just kept his pace the whole time. When we got back to our block about 40 minutes later, he started crying because he wanted to keep going. When I say my kid has a lot of energy (and people don't generally understand HOW much energy), I mean my kid has a lot of freaking energy. I really am looking forward to getting him into sports because I think it would be a great outlet for him. Plus, Daddy is all proud because Andrew is a lefty (neither of us are, but DH's dad was) and that's apparently a good thing for baseball, especially pitchers. The Brewers could use some good players in about 20 years, eh? ;)


Musical Daddy said...

Teach him to pitch! Teach him to pitch! In all seriousness, I'm teaching my boys to bat left handed just to help out with future baseball plans. 8)

Sarah said...

I think I'll take your advice! Maybe we'll look for a real bat for him. Right now he just has this plastic one.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I can't even run for 15 minutes. LOL Good job, buddy!!