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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 week midwife appointment

I can't believe I'm 30 weeks already. Wow! This is really the home stretch. I saw a different NMW today because mine is on vacation this week. She was really nice! We chatted it up because my aunt works with her as well (my aunt, the Labor & Delivery RN -- my dream job).

Anyway, blood pressure is still good (I run low anyway). My fundal height is 30 cm, so right on track. She confirmed that baby is, indeed, head down, but lying sideways with his/her back to my left of my stomach. The other day I was convinced the baby was feet down because I kept having all kinds of fluttery feelings down there and it was just strange. He/she either turned now, or those were fingers. Whatever, I am just glad the baby is in position (somewhat), even though I know things can change. The heartrate was 150 -- I never tire of listening to that beautiful sound. ♥

I am still nursing Elise -- it's going really well. I mentioned it to the midwife and she said that she nursed her daughter through her third pregnancy and went on to tandem nurse. Her daughter was 27 months when he was born and went on for another 7-8 months. I told her that was really good. It's nice to meet other moms who understand extended breastfeeding and all the benefits and they don't look at you like you have two heads (well, haha, just two heads on the boobies!). She said that she would always feed the baby first and then her daughter, and her daughter would tell her that there was so much milk. I am, here and there, having people fret and tell me that I have to make sure the baby gets enough -- and he/she will! The body knows exactly what it is doing and will make enough for the demand -- in this case, it would be kind-of like nursing twins, but not quite because Elise obviously won't be needing the same amount of feedings as her little brother or sister.

Nothing else is really new here. I turn 31 this coming Saturday -- blah. It's not so bad, I guess. Turning 30 last year was a little hard for me, but being a mom is the best thing in the world so I'll just refer to my late 20s into my 30s as my glory years. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow 30 weeks already!! :-) that's awesome!

Your posts are making me sad I will never get to be pregnant again. It's only been three months...can't believe I'm missing bein pregnant already!

My word verification is "polbies" which made me laugh and think of "boobies". It goes along with the nursing talk. ;-)

Alyssa Auch said...

Yay! I am so excited for you! And you are completely gorgeous, radiant, and lovely. These are most certainly your glory years! I know we'll all look back on the sleepless nights and miss our babies some day.