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Monday, August 15, 2011

38 weeks today!

Likewise, I had my appointment this morning. There is really nothing to report. My blood pressure is nice and low (well, normal low). I haven't gained too much weight; in fact, I think I'm below where I was with Elise. The baby sounded great and my midwife felt my abdomen and said she thinks he/she is around 6 lbs. now (makes sense -- both of my other kids were 6 pounders). She did not check me, but I am okay with that because it's not like it tells you when you will go into labor anyway. My fundal height was 37 cm. She remarked that I look amazing! It's nice to hear that, because I certainly don't feel like I look amazing.

SAY, if you're interested, I have added a baby pool (guess the date, gender, and weight) to my sidebar. It's all for fun -- no prizes here -- I'm about to go into a 3 month, unpaid maternity leave here. It's easy to put your guess in and you don't have to register to play the game.

I will try and update the blog when I go -- I think my hospital has wi-fi, but I'm really not sure. For those of you who are Facebook friends with me, I think someone will be posting updates there. I can't wait to find out what I'm having! So exciting.

I also want to share these lovely pics I took of my offspring yesterday.

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