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Monday, December 5, 2011

It's me, Boring Blogger!

I apologize for my lack of availability in the blog world. I haven't been able to even log in and scroll my feed to see what's been going on with all of you. If you're still there. I have probably lost my readership.

A quick update: I am back to work but very busy. I feel as though sometimes I don't even have time to run to the bathroom (and really, sometimes I don't)! I am running home twice a day to nurse the baby (I'm at work 8 - 4 so I nurse before work, then come home at 10 and 1, and am home for the day at 4, feeding on demand the rest of the time). We tried pumping and feeding bottles around 3-4 weeks and he did really well! I was prematurely hopeful, because around 6-8 weeks, he was less enthusiastic about them. My first day back, he only took half an ounce in the morning (the whole morning) and wouldn't take anything in the afternoon. I decided, screw it. I ran home before and it worked out awesome, so I mentioned it to my boss and he was cool with it. Thank goodness! One of the breaks is my lunch break anyway, so they really can't tell me I can't go home. I punch out for both breaks. Jameson is a happy boy! He's becoming more aware every day and will smile and coo as soon as he sees my face. He has such a cute, gummy smile (please stay that way -- I don't need an early teether like Andrew was)!

Elise is just amazing. She has SO many words now and is starting to put 2-3 word phrases together. I can't even count how many words she has and she will try and say almost anything we teach her. She's spunky and funny and daring (she even climbed to the top rung of a ladder when Daddy had his back turned for less than a minute)! She is also very much addicted to the boobie, but I am really okay with that. The transition to her being "not the baby" anymore has been seamless and she loves her little brother. I like to think that the comfort I provide her has helped. It certainly hasn't hurt, and I love knowing she has gotten all those extra immunities through my milk (immunities not found in cow's milk -- immunities which actually increase in the 2nd year).

Andrew is my little man. He still has challenging behaviors but he is learning to control them better. A big part is just understanding how to react to him so that it may prevent angry outbursts. We praise him when he makes good choices, and he enjoys that praise. At school, he is doing better with not getting so angry and they are telling him to "ask for help" if something is frustrating him. He has made new friends and he likes to talk about them. I have been in touch with his teacher (e-mail, phone, and in person) and we have a great communicative relationship going. We both want what's best for Andrew. The plan now is to do a second year of pre-k next year. He is most likely not going to be ready for kindergarten, not because he lacks academically, but because he needs the emotional growth required for kindergarten (let's face it, he'll be going a full day and they will be asking a lot out of him). He is the very youngest in his class with an 8/25 birthdate (the cutoff is 9/1). I would rather him go to kindergarten ready than struggle and have to start over.

All is well in our house. We are preparing for Christmas, slowly but surely. I am going with my family next week with the kids to the Christmas tree farm. My family goes every year and last year I decided not to go, then changed my mind and wanted to go the following weekend and they were closed for the season because the trees (for that year anyway) were all gone. DH and I would like to go Christmas shopping so I need to get a night where my mom is off and have her watch the kids so we can get as much done in 2 hours as possible. We'd also like to have dinner since it's been, well . . . a LONG FREAKING time! LOL.

I hope things are well with all of you; feel free to update me with anything I missed while I've been away!

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