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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coming up for some air!

Help!! I am swamped, both at work and at home. Well, to be fair, I will say that it's more work than home. I have so many different things that were added on to my position within the last year that I just don't have much free time. Then I go home and do all that I can with my kids while I clean up the day's worth of mess (so that it doesn't get so bad for me for the weekends). My family has also been sick (all of us) with some nasty virus, but thankfully we're all on the mend.

I will say, that there are some good things to focus on. As an idealist with realist tendencies, I tend to focus on the good. Here we go.

  1. I am healthy and happy, as are my children.

  2. It's 2012, and it's a new year with new things to look forward to (uh, spring?).

  3. I love my job and am happy to be happily employed. I've been here 7 years and it's TRULY a great place to work. My boss even came to "rescue" me yesterday after my son locked both sets of keys in my car on lunch yesterday.

  4. I have lost all of my postpartum weight and then some (new goal: focus on toning up some AND working out more often so I have more energy). Breastfeeding rawks, especially when you are tandem nursing and burning twice the calories.

  5. My W-2 is in my hands as of yesterday, so that means tax time (which means GOOD things for poor folks like me who support a family of 5 on a not-so-high income).

  6. I have been on a cleaning spurt, so my housework at home doesn't seem so bad. I cleaned my oldest's room yesterday and it no longer looks like tornado alley. THEN, I put together his train table and had fun putting on all the stickers as Andrew watched in anticipation. Thank you, Mom, for the coolest gift ever!

  7. Winter is finally upon us, and while it means that the above-average temps we've had the past few weeks are probably gone for good, the snow is pretty and this is what Wisconsin is supposed to be like, so I can just suck it up and deal with it. And I have mad winter driving skills so am prepared to take on Mother Nature like a ninja. Fucking A! ;)

I hope 2012 finds you healthy. Keep things in perspective. If you feel down, always take a moment to redirect yourself because the sun is shining somewhere and it won't be long before it's shining on you.

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