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Monday, March 19, 2012

Updates on me

I sit here in my office, Dr. Pepper nearby, some color on my arms, timecards finished, and I reflect back on what a beautiful weekend I had with my family. On Saturday, after I got all the major house chores out of the way, the hubby and I took all three kids to the park and enjoyed some beautiful weather. We then went to my mother's house to grill out, our first of the season! She has a new patio set out on her deck she wanted to show off. Mom, with her glass of wine, was enjoying the evening after a day's work, and we all watched a movie after supper. [Mr. Popper's Penguins, a cute family flick that is not too cheesy, somewhat enduring, and has some comedy to it.]

Sunday, we went over to the grandparents' house and the kids played in the yard while the adults marveled at the weather and basked in the sun, something we have never done as early in the year as March 18th! Later on in the evening, the hubby took the oldest in the bike trailer down to the co-op to get a few groceries. I took the younger two outside while I put away our lawn chairs and toys, looking up at the sky in time to see a fighter jet fly over (we're close to the airport). I am an airplane freak, if you didn't know it.

This week is still supposed to be nice. I'm taking a half-day on Wednesday, pending my boss's approval, and we're probably going to take a family bike ride (we have single and double bike trailers). We can have more of this weather and I will be okay! Yep, folks, I have a watch tan and am proud that I earned it in March and in Wisconsin to boot! My aunt and uncle leave today for Punta Cana. Haha, who needs to fly to enjoy the weather?!

Ah, and in case you're bored, you may check out my accent video. I am part of a close-knit group of girls who all had babies at the end of 2009 into early 2010 -- we've been friends since we were all pregnant and we became closer yet and I'm glad we all still talk daily -- anyway, we got to posting videos of our accents so I found a list of words for the "accent challenge".


Shannon said...

Liked the video. If I didn't know where you were from I would guess Canada. Which is funny because I'm from Minnesota. You do have a very strong accent. Too funny.

Birdee said...

Awww, you're so cute!