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Friday, June 1, 2012


Tandem nursing has me down to 124. LOL. I have recently decided to start drinking more water for health reasons (1.5 liters + a day is my goal) but it has also caused me to drop some weight. I am not actively trying to lose weight because I was at a healthy weight for my frame size (I'm 5'7") but I won't lie; I'm happy when I jump on the scale in the morning before I get in the shower.

I am also taking advantage of the Employee Assistance Program at my work, which offers free and confidential counseling through an area clinic. I never did get counseling after my rough upbringing (abusive father) and I have recently been feeling very stressed; stretched thin. I have been to two sessions so far and have another scheduled for next week. It feels good to talk it out with someone. Honestly, I always think I'm crazy or over-thinking things and at the same time I feel like everyone around me is annoyed by me and I've just basically had some self-worth issues. Counseling is helping that.

The kids are doing well. Andrew is now immune to chickenpox (it honestly, for anyone out there fearing it, wasn't bad at ALL! Like a case of the mosquito bites with a half day of fever, if I had to sum it up). He is finishing up his first year of pre-k and will be done Tuesday. We had his end of year celebration yesterday and he was dancing on the stage during the songs (when noone else was, LOL; kind-of free-stylin'). Elise is fully day potty trained but still hides and poops in diapers -- working on that with her. She has been speaking in full sentences for awhile and is doing very well for her age (27 months now!). Jameson is 9 months, has four teeth (and another one coming soon), crawls everywhere, and has a very laid-back personality (like his daddy; I am definitely pretty intense like Andrew).

That's about it for now! I am looking forward to the fact that it's JUNE -- the meteorological start to summer. Yay!


Musical Daddy said...

I remember when I was 124 pounds... in like 8th grade. lol! That's what one gets, for being more than 6 feet tall...

Mix of 6 Blog said...

I'm glad everything is going well. I'm bummed I'm not nursing anymore, and I hope I shed some pounds after my next baby is born and I do breastfeed. I wasn't lucky enough with weight loss BF'ing T.