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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm so addicted.

I am so addicted to sparkling water. It's the best! I had realized recently that I was drinking and relying too much on Dr. Pepper. I was only having one a day but I started to crave it so bad that I was thinking about it as much as the average guy thinks about sex. So... a lot.

I traded out my Dr. P for Klarbrunn and it 1) makes me drink lots of water, and 2) gives me that fizz that I crave. I was never addicted to pop for the caffeine; it was always the carbonation.

Is there some kind-of group for carbonation addicts? Because I am sooooo there.

Sneaky me sneaking a pic for blog while trying not to look like a dumbass to possible passers-by


Shannon said...

Now I can tell my hubby I'm not the only one. I totally agree, I NEED the bubbles!!! I love sparkling water; although as I type this I'm drinking a Dr. Pepper. :)

Sarah said...

Yes! So glad we have that in common! *High five* :)