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Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun in the kiddie pool!

We set up the kiddie pool on Saturday. It was gorgeous outside and the pool heated up in about three hours! I brought the bubbles with and Andrew was trying to JUMP in the air to catch them! It was hilarious. Here he is splashing around....

About 5 minutes into the swimming experience, he decides he wants to stand up on the side and attempt to jump out of the pool! Then he would turn around and plop back down on his butt. It was so funny!

If Andrew is anything like Daddy and Mommy, he will soon be a fish! We both love to swim, and I have a feeling Andrew is going to love it too. On Sunday, we went swimming at my grandparents' house in the big pool and at first he was a little scared (cold, I think more than scared), he eventually loved it! I have a little baby boat I put him in and then I took him out and started making 'waves' with his legs so he was skimming the water. I was holding him up in the air and splashing his bottom down in the water and he loved it!

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nancy said...

good lord. is that you in the bikini? hubba hubba.