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Saturday, August 30, 2008

He knows things!

Words, that is. Andrew knows a lot of words. In the morning, Daddy tells me that he'll say, "Bluebods?" (our strange abbreviation for blueberries...it started a long time ago and for some reason we just stuck with it) , and when he says this, Andrew will crawl over to his high chair in anticipation. He'll then proceed to make a lot of squealing noises until he is up in his chair with "Bluebods" in front of him. So cute!

Daddy also said that yesterday or today he said, "Do you want to take a bath?", and Andrew crawled into the bathroom.

Tonight Daddy said, "Car ride?" and Andrew crawled towards the front door, fussing. We weren't going in the car, so then I had to distract him with something else.

Also, the 2nd day he had his new ball (my mom got it for him), we would say, "ball" and Andrew would go get his ball.

I love it!

Andrew also does this cute thing when he crawls around--he'll hum a little song. It goes, "m m m"....."m m m"... always sets of three. If I start doing it too, he'll smile and repeat. He has even done this while nursing!


Catie said...

What a smart lil guy! Way to go Mom!

Sarah said...

Do you use a special word for nursing? I am getting fearful because we (hubby and I, and to baby) refer to it as the ~boob~.