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Monday, August 4, 2008

Photo shoot at the beach!

We went to the beach yesterday, despite the cloudy skies (it was still warm out). Dork Daddy played around with his metal detector. I think he found a penny? I took a ton of pictures of Andrew! The "lake" (Lake Onalaska) is really just an overflow of the Mississippi River. They're all the same to me, but I guess they feel special naming the different tributaries! Enjoy the pics!

Sand is fun to crawl on!

This sand is pretty cool stuff! This picture was taken before the sand went into his mouth...

Daddy took one of Mommy and Andrew....

After the photo shoot, we went to the car for a nursing session. Ah....boobie.... :D

Oh, and here is another HILARIOUS picture I took of Andrew with his new slinky (the health plan people came to my work on Friday and gave out some goodies and I knew Andrew would love it!).


nancy said...

heh. I can't wait to breastfeed again. I'm so weird.

and just to confirm - i'm too jealous of these pictures. too much.

Catie said...

Those are beautiful. I'm such a freak I'm afraid to take Lex to the beach, not because of the water (even though lake Superior is freakin cold) but because of all the sand lol. He gets more handsome with every set of pictures you post.

nancy said...

psst... I nominated you for the Pink Rose award. Come on over to see it!