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Sunday, November 2, 2008

My little dragon!!!!!!!!!!

Some Halloween pics for your viewing pleasure. I apologize that the pics are kind-of big...I uploaded them "small" but oh well. Hopefully none of you are still using dial-up! If you are, then you have more problems than I can help you with.

Anyhow....I took the day off of work so I'd have a nice 3-day weekend...and I knew we'd be busy for Halloween. I didn't want to have to run around after 4:00, trying to cram everything in.

The first few here are from my work. I stopped in for the 2:00 Halloween party. Sorry this first pic isn't the greatest. Rob took it and it's a new camera...not sure what setting he had it on.

You can see the side of his costume here. Look at the cute little wings!
The back of the costume. That tail is so darn cute!
Everytime Andrew visits me at work, he can't resist playing with the thingies on the side of my desk. You know, they are for putting cords through? Yeah, he LOVES playing with these things. So funny.
My mom took this one with her camera. Not the greatest shot, but I love that he was clapping for no apparent reason.
Finally, have you ever seen a cuter dragon than this??? I took this shot at my mom's house.

Later on, we went back home. I was sitting on my computer reading about all these other moms taking their kids trick-or-treating and I figured, what the heck! So, I asked Rob if he'd want to go, put Andrew's costume back on (it was 7:15, so we still had 45 minutes left of trick-or-treating time), and packed him into the stroller. It was so cute to look down and see this little dragon in the stroller. The look on his face as we went door-to-door (we just went around the neighborhood) was priceless. He would smile at all the people. He even left his hood of his costume on, which surprised me. The ladies ooohed and aaahed over him. This one dude seemed kind-of rude, like we shouldn't have been taking our son trick-or-treating because he was so young. He said, "oh, he looks like he's real into it. Good luck with that..."... WTF? We took him out because he had this adorable costume and I wanted him to experience the dinging of the doorbell, waiting, and then yelling, "Trick or Treat!" He loved that part of it. He couldn't care less about the candy. Poo on him. I will say that 99.9% of my neighbors were really sweet. The best part was when we stoppeed by the neighbors' house (across the road). They have a little boy named Parker who is 2 months older than Andrew. It was fun to see them interact! Andrew would crawl up to him and reach out and touch his hair. Then he'd quickly scoot back and giggle. They were chasing each other around. It was adorable. Parker's mom and I agreed that we have to do a playdate sometime!

That's about all for now. I apologize to my small following of readers that I haven't been very talkative lately. I've been very busy at work and stressed about my messy house. We cleaned today, so now I have peace in my mind. Does anyone else feel that way? That they can have a better day, knowing that the house is clean? Discuss amongst yourselves. Respond back to me on this. :)


Rachel said...

That is a really cute costume! He looks so tall when you are holding him up like that.

I stress too when the house is a wreck. Which is often, as my two mini tornadoes tend to trot along right behind me, messing things up as I clean them.

rocket.queen. said...

OMG! I want that costume!! He looks adorable.

Sarah said...

precious! Andrew makes a fabulous dragon.

I am with you on the stressing when my house is a mess. My hubby and I fight more too. Things just dont feel right when the house is out of order. We hired a house cleaner this year. Best $$$$ I have ever spent! and we are cheap. so worth it!