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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3rd draw for Progesterone level...

12/09/2008 16:27 PROG PROGESTERONE (PROG) 21.1 ng/mL (6w, 2d)

I'll also include the previous two.

11/24/2008 16:20 PROG PROGESTERONE (PROG) 25.0 ng/mL (4w1d)

11/19/2008 16:27 PROG PROGESTERONE (PROG) 15.0 ng/mL (3w3d)

I called my mom (she works in the clinic, but not in the Women's Health dept., but can access my medical records if I authorize her to do so) because I had called the nurse and she was like, "Why are they checking your Progesterone levels? Have you been spotting?" To which I responded, "No, no spotting. We're monitoring my levels due to my loss in July". She was all of a sudden like, "Um, I can't access the results so I'm going to talk to Linda [my midwife] and call you back". Which, I'm not stupid. I know she didn't want to tell me something, because the last time I had this done, the nurse told me over the phone, even though she was "supposed" to consult with Linda first. So after two hours of waiting, I got impatient and called my mom. She is not aware of the pregnacy yet (until now, LOL). I told her to check my lab results from yesterday. She called me back and said, "21.1" So, it has dropped a tiny amount. However, the nurse said she consulted with the fertility department about Progesterone levels and they said they can fluctuate, particularly after they level off. She said as long as it's above 20, it's a good number. A side note, at least my mom knows now, and she is sworn to secrecy.

I'm not going to worry too much about it. My temp is still up, my m/s started on Monday, and I think everything will be okay.

A side note, I should take a pic of my butchered arm. Yesterday when I went to the lab for the draw, the guy couldn't get a good start and was moving the needle around. I know that if the blood doesn't shoot right down the tube, it's not going to work (used to give plasma). Moving the needle around caused me to cringe, but I told him to go ahead and try a new poke. so he did, and same thing. Poking, prodding, moving needle. No blood shooting out, I would see a little blood, then some air, then a little more. Not good. So he asked if I would like someone else and I said sure. The lady came over and did the other arm, got a good vein right away and showed it to him, and then in she went. Success!

My right arm looks like that of a heroin junkie.

Back to the numbers, does anyone see any need for concern? Should I just try and put it out of my mind? I don't go in again for a "real" appointment until January 21st. I googled P levels and they can really vary. Someone had a successful pregnancy on a P level of 3.3!


Kaci said...

I was never monitored, but wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts. Sticky vibes!

nancy said...

There was no picture, but I ~was~ a heroin junkie, I'm sure your arm looks nothing like mine used to! (I don't know why this comment from ppl who got lab draws bothers me so much.)

Anywho - I'm SURE you are fine. My prog labs were always low and I was ON freaking PIO injects! Plus, there is really little evidence that low prog is the reason for m/c after successful fert. Relax. Chill. Enjoy. (sounds like a commercial, no?) ~wink~

Sarah said...

I have no advice on the P levels, but I have loads of sticky, and positive thought vibes to send your way.