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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Appointment update...

Yesterday was my first prenatal appointment with the nurse. Pretty boring stuff, actually. I had to go through my medical history. I talked about my appetite, or lack there-of. I told her that most days I'm probably eating 600-800 calories a day (I know, not good considering I'm still nursing + being pregnant--I should be eating about 2600 calories a day total!). Surprisingly, my milk supply is still good. It must be pulling from my stores someplace. My weight is down to 128 (down 6 lbs. from my physical I had in October). I'm still 5'7 1/2". Good to know. My BP was 98/63. Low, but my normal runs 102/64, so it's not that out of range. After this fun 1 hour questioning with the nurse (who recommended that I eat smaller meals more often--I'm trying, I really am! I have to eat mostly during the middle of the day when I feel the best--mornings are hard and so are evenings), I headed down to the lab. I declined the AIDS test (um, since I've only been with my husband and he's only been with me AND neither of us have ever had a blood transfusion AND they made me have the test with my first pregnancy and that one was also negative? I think I'm clear--LOL).

The lab once again botched the first stab (I have tiny veins that move apparently), no major bruising this time at least--last time I ended up with an area the size of a half-dollar all black and blue. She said, "I think I need to use a smaller needle" (yep, you could have just started with one, I thought), and successfully drew four vials of blood from the other arm. I then had to give them a urine sample--I think I was dehydrated because the urine was a dark, dark amber color, and I only got half a cup. I had to giggle. In the bathroom, there are all these highlighted signs on this cabinet behind the toilet: "Leave urine sample here". Seriously, I couldn't miss it even if I were visually impaired. So I pee in the cup, give it everything I have. I wipe and stand up (pants still down) and put the sample in the cabinet. Except it's not a cabinet, it actually opens up to the lab! Like, it's a cabinet with a metal shelf and hello! There were people back there! OMG. I don't think anyone saw. Maybe I should have mooned them. I'm sure they would like a good laugh once in awhile!


nancy said...

that's funny about the urine cabinet thing. Same thing. I always ~almost~ put my cup in there while sans pants, but i remember I can literallywave to the techs in there when I open the door.

Girl. you need to eat.

Rachel said...

Your tags always make me about choke, laughing.