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Sunday, November 1, 2009

One of those "Out of the Mouths of Babes" stories!

We took a spontaneous day trip to Madison today, just for something to do. One of the places we went was Jung's Garden Center. I found Andrew one of those stuffed Audubon birds that makes real bird calls. He is walking around the store with it, just in love. We get to this one spot where the ground was uneven and you had to step up slightly (they were like patio pavers in the store) and Andrew fell down with both hands holding the bird. As he hits the ground, he says, "Oh God!"

It was so funny! I think he picked up the expression from Daddy, but I am so surprised he used it in an appropriate situation!!! I did NOT expect his innocent little voice to say that!!!

In other news, Andrew fascinated me yesterday by pointing out (correctly) many of the letters on the keyboard. His favorites are "Y", "K", "H", "B", "R", and "O". He incorrectly points to the "W" and says, "Is it M?", but it's so adorable because he's close. I then show him where the "M" is. Oh, and the "Z" often gets called "N". It's really a sideways "N", so good job, Andrew!

Our new favorite game is where I type out big, bold letters in Wordpad and he tells me what they are!

Yay for Super Why (on PBS Kids)--it is his favorite show and I think he's learning a lot of letters from it (that, and he also likes to read a ton of books with me every night).


Morgan Owens said...

That is so cute what Andrew said! Its crazy how they do certain things during the day and it just amazes us! :) It's fun watching and "hearing" them grow.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is hilarious! I love hearing the things kids say. :-) And yay for Andrew picking up on all those letters! Smart boy!

Rachel said...

What a smarty pants! That is really cool that he can recognize letters, I think they usually don't start doing that till they're about 3. Go Andrew!

Mama Bear said...

oh thats funny! haha

way to go Andrew! smart kiddo!

Cassie Channell said...

That is too cute. Wyatt loves Super Why! too! We watch it every morning. He gets a kick out of hearing his name on tv!