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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I just embarrassed myself!

So, at work (nursing home, remember?), we have this aviary (with birds) in our front waiting area. The residents love it, visitors love it, etc.

Anyway, the maintenance people take care of the daily stuff: food, water, etc., but four times a year, this guy comes from South Dakota to deep clean the aviary. He takes all the birds out and gives everything a good clean. He uses this REALLY yummy smelling cleaner--it smells like almond/cherry--kind of like Pledge, but BETTER.

Anyway, I'm sitting in my office when suddenly I catch the scent of it. I figured the bird man must have arrived. So, I dial out to the secretary and do the voice dial thing so it comes out over her speakerphone and she doesn't have to pick up. I say, "Is the bird man here?" She says, "yes". I say, "Oh, I figured so, because I smell that cleaner he uses and it smells SOOOOOOO good". She giggled and I said, "okay then" and hung up.

She comes over to my office and informs me that she better turn down her volume because the bird man heard what I said! So did another co-worker in her office.

But it does! It smells so good! I'm just thinking if someone overheard my conversation and they didn't know what I was referring to, it might be taken wrong. Like Office Sexy Sarah talks dirty!


Morgan Owens said...

That's too funny!! :) Thanks for the laugh!

Caroline said...

HAHAHA! This made my day :)