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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

They DO exist!

Other mothers like me! I met another AP mother on Monday! I was out after work shopping for nursing bras at Target and she just started talking to me about the bras, and mentioned something about getting her use out of them. I told her that I nursed my son for over 25 months and she said she nursed her son for just a little longer than that. We ended up talking for over an hour, and it's amazing how much we have in common! Her kids are spaced 2 1/2 years apart too, with her son being the older one. Even our boys had similar personalities.

Also, she had two at-home waterbirths (midwife-attended) and the midwife she had sounded just awesome. Not that I'm doing a home waterbirth, but I have no problem with people who do.

LOL, we even talked about MILs. Are all MILs crazy?

I am so excited! I made a friend! In real life! I gave her my FB info and she friended me and we are going to get our kids together soon.

I will say that this area is very "mainstream", so it was refreshing to meet someone who shares similar ideas and doesn't think I'm crazy like everyone else IRL (we have a low breastfeeding rate in the Midwest, an even lower "in public" breastfeeding rate, as in I have never seen another mother NIP, and a 90% circumcision rate--to say I am "not the norm" is not an understatement).

Just a disclaimer: It's not that I only want to be friends with people like me, because I have friends who have different parenting styles and I'm still obviously friends with them. It'll just be nice to have a friend who's not going to be offended if I pull out my breast to feed my baby. We can nurse together and talk about life without either of us feeling weird! That gives me a warm feeling inside.


Musical Daddy said...

We only stopped breastfeeding The Boy because of the chemo interactions and vomiting. Younger Bro will be bf for a while, so don't worry too much! We've got your back here in Pittsburgh!

Holly said...

I love that you found someone 'like you' and yes, I am sure that you don't discriminate your friends but I know what you mean about nice to meet people who you have lots in common with. Sounds like you made a good friend. Happy for ya! ;)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I'm glad you met such a cool new friend. :-)

Lesslie said...

In my experience Sarah, MOST MIL's are crazy... I could give you stories LOL.

I wanted to BF Lincoln until he was a year. but since I was supposed to have surgery, I weaned him and I was really upset when I didn't end up having the surgery.

I'm glad that you found a friend that "gets" your parenting style and that can share similar experiences and stories with you. :)

Cindy said...

That's awesome Sarah! It'll be so nice to have someone with the same views to spend time with. And someone for Andrew to play with as well! Good for you Mama!