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Monday, February 1, 2010

37 week appointment!

Woohoo! BP is great at 108/70!

Woohoo! I lost 1 lb. from last time (realistically, I think this is just because I went to my appt. first thing in the morning but shut-up -- let me celebrate!)

Woohoo! Heartbeat sounded good and my fundal height is measuring at 35 cm!

Woohoo! Everything looks great from the ultrasound last week; they even had the high-risk doc. take a gander and she's just a small baby.

Woohoo! She confirmed that the hospital did lift their visiting restrictions (put in place for the H1N1 which has all but disappeared now), so Andrew and any other family members and friends can visit in the hospital. It was just one support person plus grandparents before, so that's a plus!

Boo! I am GBS positive! (Yet again; I was last time, too.) I didn't think I'd be able to escape that one.

Woohoo! Since I don't want to end on a negative, the midwife said I look awesome and that I will be a great candidate for the waterbirth. She just said that when I know I am in labor, even if it's early, to call them and let them know so they can reserve one of the birthing tub suites for me.

This is my 36 week pic from last Wednesday.

Let's compare from my starting pic at 3 weeks, 6 days, shall we? :)


CalgaryDaddy said...

Great News! I cant wait to keep reading! I am always watching my blog sidebar for updates!



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you are absolutely GLOWING!!! :-) So glad everything (almost! LOL) is a "woo hoo"! :-)

Kaci said...

You look great! Glad things are going well!

nancy said...

Woohoo! You look amazing! :)

(But no celebrating about losing weight during pregnancy!!)

Dude. You are almost done. Freaking amazing. I'm so happy for you! :)

Birdee said...

I still laugh that I called a week in advance, 4 hours in advance, and on the way to the hospital to get my jetted tub when in labor, and I still didn't get to use it.
Sorry about the GBS - you don't have to be hooked up to an IV for that do you?
You look fantastic (I will agree)
OH! and I never told you - but remember that pkg you talked about that select hospitals argiving out to nursing mothers? I got one! (Yeah it was 5 months ago but I stil wanted to tell you, it's so awesome and I still use the back pack bag, and I ordered and drink the tea.

Sarah said...

Ugh, yeah I do have to be hooked up to antibiotics. They want to get 2 courses of it through me, ideally. Bummer.

Thanks for the nice comments by the way!