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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The amazing power of the sun!

I love the sun. Not only does it feel good to bask in on a nice, warm day (and soak up some Vitamin D in the process), but the sun does amazing things for cloth diapers.

I continue to be impressed!

I have had several inserts and diapers that have had stains in them (my girl likes to eat, which means she also likes to poop, several times a day at that) and I have put them out on the clothesline, thinking to myself that they were stained for good. But no, every single time I put them out (even on cloudy and overcast days) they have come out perfectly white.

One of these times I will have to take some before and after pics so I can give a visual.

I have a feeling that when winter arrives and I am forced to use my dryer, I may cry. I mean, I can still sun things in the winter, but I definitely won't be able to dry them outside or they will just turn to frozen, icy diapers.

Also, Happy Mother's Day to all of my wonderful mommy friends! I hope you had a special day today.


Simple Complexity said...

Hmm maybe it's b/c Florida has tons of sun but when we have something that is mildewed (that so doesn't look like a word lol) from sitting too long, we put it out in the sun b/c the sun will naturally bleach it and kill any germs if there were some. We have some serious sun here lol I love the sun, except when it's like a gagillion degrees out and the humidity is knocking you down lol

Rachel said...

I'm sure you probably know this one, but lemon juice plus sunshine is also a great combo. I got food-poop stains out of cloth that way before, ones that sun couldn't even touch. Also, sunshine through a window in the winter! I used to sun diapers in the back window of my car sometimes when we lived in an apartment with no yard. LOL! I'm sure people thought I was crazy...