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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

10.5 weeks


Catie said...


Birdee said...

She has "Knock Out" eyes, Don't ya think? I'm so jealous. I just love the shape of them. They are tantalizing. Such a cute baby.

Sarah said...

Thank you, guys!

And Birdee: both kids have my eye shape but Daddy's pretty blue. Thanks! ;)

Jen said...

Oh my, she is one cute little baby!

Candace Rae's Life said...

Hi! Found you by clicking "next blog" from my blog. Took a look through your posts - thanks for letting me look! Your children are adorable. Congrats on the healthy birth of your second child. If it's okay, I think I might follow you and your family - feel free to check me out at:



Anonymous said...

Lovin' the arm rolls and double chin...SO sweet!