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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The weekend is coming to a close . . .

I'm sharing a few pics today! It's been really hot here -- REALLY hot, so I haven't been babywearing too much because I'm a sweaty beast as it is. However, this morning I did put Elise in the kangaroo carry and she really liked it! See? She looks quite proud of herself! Oh, don't mind me -- I look like crap -- those are my jammies and this is pre-shower on a Sunday morning!


Oh yeah, and I am now 8 lbs. below my pre-pregnancy weight! Go breastfeeding (because I really haven't exercised in this horrible heat we've been having all summer)! Here is Elise enjoying some yummies.


In other awesome news, I have finally gotten in touch with my wonderful midwife! I didn't know her last name because she was the student midwife but if you remember my birth story, you will see that she's the one who helped me through my waterbirth the most. I sent her a letter (to the OB/GYN department) a few weeks back with a copy of the birth story and a few pics that she was in and I got a letter back from her Friday so now we've been talking! She rocks. I just had to thank her for making the experience so wonderful -- for my whole life I will be ever grateful. ♥


Jennifer Juniper said...

Will you understand if I tell you that I kind of hate you right now Little Mrs. 8lbs Under Pre Pregnancy Weight??
Actually I'm thrilled for you (while I search for a sharp object to slit my wrists), you look awesome & the baby's adorable!! I love chubby babies.

Eve said...

The kangaroo carry was A's favorite carry in the sling. :)

You look great, Sarah. I am happy you got in touch with the awesome midwife, too. I bet she was happy to receive your letter and pictures. :)