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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello, third trimester!

Yesterday marked 27 weeks for me, and if you want to get technical, 27+3 = third trimester, so Thursday I will be there. I am still very comfortable (as expected) and getting asked more questions on how I'm feeling (also expected, although rather annoying).

It was nice to have a 3-day weekend! We had a wedding to attend on Saturday, although we just went to the reception because taking both kids, neither of whom sit still for more than 2 minutes, would be an embarrassing nightmare. I figure what's the point, when we'll just end up outside of the church waiting for the ceremony to end. I put on my dancing shoes, as did my husband (after he had a few drinks -- he's one of those quiet people who becomes a very happy drunk after a few drinks). I have some funny blackmail pics from our night. :)

Yesterday, we had our annual family picnic that has been an event since my mom was 9 years old (she's 51, so do the math!). Her side of the family has had a shelter rented out on Memorial Day ever since, and everyone brings a dish to pass. Yesterday's picnic was typical -- it's funny how it's the same every year. It was just a little hot so sitting in that shelter was kind-of like being in a sauna with a bunch of odd relatives. At one point, the hubby was putting the finger gun to his head! Outside in the sun, it was pretty hot, so it was pretty much an opportunity to pick your hot spot. Andrew had fun. The kids were filling up water balloons, and he wanted one. Not to throw, but to hold and protect. He had the biggest smile on his face as he walked around with his orange water balloon! Then it popped at some point, when all he was doing was holding it. Cue the tears. He got another one, which popped during a teeter-tottering accident (it's not as bad as it sounds and nobody was injured besides the water balloon), and then he had another one, which popped right before we left (and much to Andrew's despise, there were no more balloons). He left sobbing, but he was also very tired and this contributed to the demise -- he was zonked out in his carseat five minutes into our ride home.

Our garden is wild -- you should see the size of the broccoli the hubby grew under his low tunnel (think a mini-greenhouse tunnel thing that has metal hoops) -- they're monsterous. All of our fruit is taking off and by mid-July - August, we will have peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, apricots, sweet cherries, apples, and I think that's it. Not sure.

The backyard still needs to be fenced in. Does anyone want to come help? We will pay you in beer and baked goods . . .

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Catie said...

I would love to help if we were a little closer. Wow third trimester! This has to be one quick pregnancy lol! I'm so glad you are still feeling great and the kids are doing well!