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Friday, May 20, 2011

I am alive!

Alive and well! Work has been very busy for me lately. They have increased my duties and likewise, I haven't had much time to post. I've still been logging in to my reader and keeping up with all of you, but I haven't had much time to comment.

What else is new?

Andrew is doing a lot better this spring/summer than he has in the past in terms of staying in our yard and away from the street. He's actually listening a lot better.

Elise has just gotten all four of her 1-year molars, which took seemingly forever to come in. She has 12 teeth in now. By comparison (although I don't believe in comparing kids to each other because every kid will do things on his/her own schedule), Andrew had all 20 of his teeth, including the 2-year molars, by 16 months. She is a silly girl who loves to put blankies or towels over her head and walk around like that. She knows a few more words, but both of us are still, "dada" to her. I come home at lunch and she says, "Dah!! Dah!!" (yes, Dah will give you the boobie, silly girl).

The hubby does such a fabulous job with "Daddy Daycare". My kids are so lucky! He bikes them (in the bike trailer) down to the park and they just love it. He even takes the camera with to capture some of those moments I'm missing out on during the day. They really are best off with him during the day and I'm glad that we are fortunate enough (not rich, by any means, but able to make do) to avoid daycare.

I am almost 26 weeks along (will reach that milestone on Monday). I have my 26 week checkup as well that day and I'll get to do the dreaded glucose test. I passed both of the last two times, with plenty of room to spare, so no worries. The orange drink isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

I guess that's about it! I am so glad that we opted not to find out the gender this time. I am really looking forward to the birth. I can't wait to find out what I'm having!

Have a great weekend. I hope the weather is sunny where you are . . .

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