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Monday, September 17, 2012

Joining the Y!

I had an enlightened discussion with the husband last night about my inability to get physical activity in. Every time I do want to go anywhere, my five-year-old begins to sob if he cannot go with. This is the case whether I'm going off on a shoot, to the store, or yes, to workout. I end up taking him with because I can't bear to see him sad -- except I CANNOT bring him to shoots, as those clients are paying for my quality, undivided time.

I brought up the idea of joining "The Y" (YMCA, apparently they just go by "The Y" in this time and age), because I had heard that they have an income-based membership, where you will pay less based on your income for household size. Now, as you all know, we have one person working (me) and 3 kids, so that makes us a party of five. For a party of five and with our income, we would be looking at 70 or 80% off the monthly membership of $65. That is a darn good deal!

The center we would be going to is really new -- it opened up just a few years ago. It has an indoor track (this is HUGE!! I used to walk in college at the indoor track located at the University and have lamented in the past how in the winter, I'm basically stuck. I have to either go out in the ice and snow and freeze my buns off with 3 kids in tow -- not an easy feat -- or go to the lame ass mall and it's tiny and smells like greasy food. Neither of those are appealing). They have a nice pool and the kids LOVE to swim so we will have a place to take them to burn off some energy and have fun. I also am wanting to get back into swimming, as I grew up as a "summer swim team" girl, and seriously -- swimming laps is the best exercise out there. DH also likes to swim. The center also has a [free] childcare center so that we can have the option of dropping them off there should we both want to workout at the same time. Another thought my bestie at work brought up is that if DH so desires, he could actually go to The Y while I'm at work and workout, if he needs a break from the kids (some days, he really does).

I am so happy! First I have to get my appliaction in to financial assistance there, but it's all filled out and ready to go.

Now, I have to find a swimsuit that is suitable for lap swimming as my bikinis will not really cut it (swimming laps will cause the bottoms to fall off -- also something I really don't want to do. I had a really neat Nike 2 piece made for competitive swimming when I was younger so I'm going to look for something sporty like that). I'll get DH a Speedo (kidding!). :)

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Rachel said...

I am so jealous! I want to have a Y here! Instead, we have a sorta run-down, smelly gym that's always too hot and full of annoying clique-y women, and waaaay to expensive for what it is.