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Friday, January 25, 2013

No apologies.

Sometimes he'll tell me things like, "you're too outgoing" or "you're definitely an extrovert."

So what?

Is it a bad thing to be "too talkative" or want to talk to people, even complete strangers? Hell, I could maybe make someone's day. What if I am at the clinic and someone is in the elevator and is having a bad day and I give that person a smile and he/she feels better, or wants to have a conversation?

I love people. Don't get me wrong: people can be bad people, annoying, or rude . . .  but overall, I think most people are good. Most people enjoy human contact. If they don't, I can usually tell the ones who want to keep to themselves. As part of my job, I interact with new people all the time as part of the interviewing/hiring process.

I enjoy life. Most of the time I am truly happy. I don't let much bring me down. It just bothers me that someone close to me gets "annoyed" by my personality because it is so different than his. And he doesn't see the day-to-day interactions I have and that people actually do like me (I think). I don't care that he's quiet, not a bit.

Do I annoy any of you? Be truthful!

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