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Friday, January 30, 2009

Appointment today...

It went fine. The doctor was surprised (and amazed that I survived) the miscarriage on my vacation. She was surprised because she wasn't aware that my body did it on its own; today we were going to talk about plans for either a D&C or taking the drug to get things moving. She examined me and talked to me for quite awhile. She then had the counselor come in and talk to me (I had mentioned the fact that DH and I were on different pages concerning the lovely permanent surgery he wants to have done). The best thing I can do is go on birth control (I informed her I'm not okay w/hormonal; after 8 years of migraines while on the pill, I enjoyed being headache-free after going off of it--I had 20-25 migraines a month while on the pill). I am going to either actively prevent based on cycle timing and/or use the diaphragm I got after I had Andrew. I will tell DH that at this time, I'd like to use b/c and THEN talk about options in due time. They did confirm that they THINK I would have to consent to a vasectomy, so that's good. DH can't just walk in and get one. I have been told that married couples would have to go through counseling first (a co-worker told me this; she used to work @ my clinic, so not sure if she's 100% correct, but I hope so).

I also had bloodwork drawn. They have this online system that allows patients to access lab results; I got a notification e-mail and clicked into my record. Here's what it said (they tested my iron level and my hemoglobin).

Collect Date: 01/30/2009 12:21
Result: 17 ng/mL
Expected Range: 29-322
Comment: Values between 15-28 ng/mL are borderline

Collect Date: 01/30/2009 12:21
Result: 11.4 g/dl
Expected Range: 11.8-15.1

Wowzahs, if my iron is that low NOW, 9 days after I had the major blood loss, I wonder what it was last Wednesday? I'm sure she'll call me and tell me to get some iron supplements. Or maybe not--maybe they'll just work their way up. I feel fine now; I figured everything would already be back to normal by now as far as my blood goes--just spotting from Saturday through yesterday. Today nothing. If it says I'm borderline, maybe I'm okay for now. Hemoglobin is only slightly under expected range now, but I wonder what THAT was last week? Now I'm thinking that maybe I should have just gone in to a random Florida hospital. What if I would have gotten in a car accident or something? How much blood would I have available to lose before I ran out. Mommy not too 'mart. Thankfully things were fine.

Oh, and by the way--the OB I saw today was the same one who diagnosed my miscarriage. She is awesome and if I am lucky enough for a next time, she will be my doctor. She is SO nice and awesome!


Molly said...

Hemoglobin will naturally build itself back up, so you needn't worry about that.

My father got a vasectomy on his own, without asking my mom, but she wasn't so sad about it. It was about 2 weeks after my mom had had twins, who were kids 3 and 4.

Rachel said...

I don't believe they require any counseling for a vasectomy here, but things may be different in a different hospital. The only thing I base my thoughts off is the fact that for me to get a tubal ligation, all that had to happen was I said "I want to get a tubal while I'm having the c-section" and the doctor said "Ok, sign this and bring it back to me at least 30 days before the c-section". And that was it. Oh, and the day of the c-section, he said "Still want the tubal, right?" and I said "Yes, please!" and here I am with my babymaker shut off.

I am glad you're finished bleeding. I bet your iron will go up pretty quick on its own. Maybe eat some spinach and a big steak for dinner?

Sarah said...

I just got caught up on your this post and the last. I am so sorry and feel so bad for you that DH is being like this. Why cant he just not say anything and wait a couple months before even contemplating this? (my DH would do the same insensitive thing too)

I have always found WI health care to be interesting. Its OUR bodies, and OUR health- but when you ask lots of questions and request things of our doctors and nurses they want you just to conform and go along with what everyone else does and stick with the normal plan.

Lots of hugs to you.

nancy said...

My hemoglobin was 6 after my little episode. Awesome, eh?